Why Don’t Donate

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Why Don’t Donate
Why Don’t Donate

Some donate an unnecessary thing with ease, others suffer because the donated is not supposed to be given to anyone. But few people think about why gifts should not be re-donated. There are several reasons for this.

Why don’t donate
Why don’t donate

Ethical reason

According to the rules of etiquette, it is bad form to give a gift. This implies disrespect for both the giver and the person to whom you are giving this gift, without bothering yourself with the search to satisfy the needs and desires of this person.

In addition, you run the risk of getting into an extremely embarrassing situation if the giver asks you about a gift or, worse, asks to show it. And it will be absolutely embarrassing if you give this thing to the donor himself. And the latter is possible if the gift was presented to you among many gifts at a large event, for example, at a wedding or anniversary.


It is believed that by giving a thing, a person puts a piece of his soul into it. During donation, a person does not so much present material values ​​as his location, warmth, love. When you redistribute a gift, you can lose the energetic connection with the giver. By your actions, you show disrespect not only to the person who gave you the gift, but also to his feelings.

When you redistribute a gift, you will no longer be able to put a piece of your soul into it. Therefore, you will not have an energetic connection with the person to whom you decided to present this thing. You cannot give him your affection, warmth and love through a gift. Therefore, the donated gift cannot bring anything good either to you, or to the donor, or to the person to whom you donate the gift.

New traditions

In the West, it has long been customary to give things with checks. On the one hand, this proves that the thing was chosen specifically for the one to whom you present it. On the other hand, this person, if your gift is not needed, can go to the store and exchange it for another thing that is needed.

This saves both the donors and the gifted from a difficult dilemma: what to do if the gift did not come in handy, because all people have different tastes. In addition, when it comes to a gift for a big event, it is difficult to guess and buy something that other guests will not give. As a result, the hero of the occasion will be, for example, with two vacuum cleaners, one of which will gather dust in a closet, basement or garage.

And if you do not overdo it …

If for one of the reasons you cannot afford to donate a gift, and there is no way to keep it, then donate things to charity. There are many places in the world where any thing will be welcome. But do not forget to warn the donor about your noble impulse so as not to get into an awkward situation. And it is unlikely that they will take offense at you for such a good deed.

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