How To Keep Flowers For A Long Time

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How To Keep Flowers For A Long Time
How To Keep Flowers For A Long Time

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Surely every woman loves to receive flowers as a gift, but, unfortunately, they quickly fade. Therefore, every lady has the same question: how to keep the bouquet of flowers for a long time, so that it continues to please the eye and spread its scent. Absolutely everyone can preserve the freshness of cut flowers.

How to keep flowers for a long time
How to keep flowers for a long time


Step 1

The flower vase must be clean. Despite the seeming routine and simplicity of this advice, treat it with special care. Microbes entering the plant along with water noticeably shorten their lifespan and gradually kill the flowers. Therefore, before placing them in water, thoroughly wash the vase with liquid detergent.

Step 2

You should also know that flowers are very afraid of sudden changes in temperature. Therefore, be careful when moving them from a warm store to the cold outside, and then back to the warm - home. Ask the seller to wrap the flowers in wrapping paper or plastic. For many flowers, staying longer than 10-15 minutes at a temperature of -2-4 can be detrimental. Also, flowers categorically do not tolerate extreme heat and stuffiness, especially direct sunlight. In such conditions, the bouquet will not survive even one day.

Step 3

After you or you have brought a bouquet of flowers from the frost, do not put them directly into the water, wait 10 minutes until they get used to a different temperature. Remove all leaves from the bottom of the stems and refresh the cuts. Place the stems under a stream of warm water and use a knife to cut into long, slanting cuts. Thanks to water, the air will not have time to penetrate into the vessels of the flower. The plant will absorb water better, as purchased flowers are often simply dehydrated.

Step 4

If you want to save flowers with woody stems (jasmine, lilac or chrysanthemum), split the stem in the water with a knife or scalpel a few centimeters, inserting a few matchstick fragments into the cuts. Add salt to the water of such plants at the rate of one teaspoon per liter of water (sugar must be added to other flowers). Another way to preserve these flowers for a long time is to immerse the stems for 30-40 seconds in water, the temperature of which should be 50 degrees.

Step 5

Change the water in the flower vase daily, add fresh water if necessary. Since spoiled water will lead to rapid wilting of plants. Remove dried flowers and buds from the composition. Keep the bouquet away from direct sunlight and heating appliances. Periodic spraying of flowers will give it freshness and help keep them longer.

Step 6

If you are presented with a composition of several types of flowers, try not to mix them in one vase. However, some types of flowers can stand together for a long time, such as carnations and roses. Flowers will wither quickly if you put them in the same vase with daffodils, lilies of the valley and mignonette. Therefore, it is recommended to set them separately. Thuja, geranium and woodruff twigs, on the contrary, will help keep flowers longer.

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