How To Save Cut Chrysanthemums

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How To Save Cut Chrysanthemums
How To Save Cut Chrysanthemums

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Chrysanthemum is a plant of the Aster family with a thousand-year history of breeding for decorative purposes. Chrysanthemums have large, beautiful, fluffy flowers of various colors: red, yellow, pink, purple, green. With proper care, cut flowers can be stored for several weeks.

How to save cut chrysanthemums
How to save cut chrysanthemums


Step 1

Cut chrysanthemums are well stored at low temperatures - about +4 degrees. Without any tweaks, they can remain at this temperature for a long time, and cut buds are kept in such conditions for three weeks. Chrysanthemums love high humidity.

Step 2

After cutting the flowers, remove the lower leaves from the stems. Break the base of the stem with a hammer or cut it ten centimeters with a knife. If you need to transport chrysanthemums, give them water at a temperature of +5 degrees. Put ice in the water to bring it to the right temperature. After a while, remove from the water and transport in cardboard boxes.

Step 3

Before placing the chrysanthemums in the vase, cut the stem from below with a sharp knife, split and insert a toothpick or match so that the edges do not squeeze. This will help the plant absorb water better.

Step 4

Add charcoal or ammonia to the water. You can also add a teaspoon of regular salt. Chrysanthemums are well stored if you put aspirin in water - half a three-liter tablet.

Step 5

Do not place the chrysanthemum vase near a radiator or in the sun. Do not place fruits near the vase, as they release ethylene gas, which causes the flowers to wilt.

Step 6

It is advisable to trim the ends of the chrysanthemums every day by cutting them obliquely in water. Before removing them from the water after cutting, pinch the ends of the stem with your finger so that they do not form an air lock. Any leaves that get in the water must be removed, otherwise they will start to rot and can spoil the water, leading to wilting of flowers.

Step 7

Check the water level in the vase every day and top up if necessary. It is recommended to keep the flowers in a water bath at night. Please note that different varieties of chrysanthemums last for different periods of time. Typically, cut chrysanthemums have a shelf life of about three weeks or more. With proper care, flowers can last for over a month.

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