How To Sign Clothes

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How To Sign Clothes
How To Sign Clothes
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Have you decided to send your child to summer camp or is he going to kindergarten for the first time? Then it's time for such an important matter - to sign all children's things in order to avoid unwanted confusion. As you know, it often happens that children confuse things and teachers and parents have to understand this problem. The easiest way is to sign all the personal belongings and shoes of the child, but how to do it correctly and what to use for this?

How to sign clothes
How to sign clothes


Step 1

A special kit for labeling clothing can be purchased at fabric and accessories stores. It is very convenient and easy to use, and also has a very inexpensive cost. Cut the tape from the kit into several sections (depending on the number of items to be signed) and each one sign with a marker. You will get a kind of clothes tag, which you just need to attach to a T-shirt or shorts and iron it through a layer of fabric. Since this tape consists of a special adhesive, it will firmly adhere to the material.

Step 2

If you do not like difficult decisions, then the next way is for you. Take an ordinary ballpoint pen and sign each thing with it on the wrong side, it is better to do this at the very bottom. Perhaps, after washing, the inscription made will be erased - then you will have to repeat the procedure again. If you do not want to spoil the clothes in this way, then put the inscription of the child's name and surname on a small piece of adhesive plaster and glue it to the wrong side of the thing. After washing, repeat the procedure.

Step 3

Do you like to do needlework? There is one old, you can call "grandmother's" way to mark clothes. Of course, in this case, you will need a lot of time and good quality thread. Embroider your child's initials so that unsightly and ugly knotted seams are not visible from the front side.

Step 4

There are special permanent markers on the market, which are usually used for writing on CDs. It is with such a marker that you can sign the child's clothes, indicating the first and last name or initials. This inscription will remain for a long time, perfectly withstand washing even when exposed to hot water and does not give stains and streaks.

Step 5

Order interesting tags with the name and surname of your child online. Fortunately, today there is such an interesting service.

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