How To Write A Name In Japanese Characters

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How To Write A Name In Japanese Characters
How To Write A Name In Japanese Characters

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Japanese is one of the most difficult languages. And it's not just the rich and varied hieroglyphics. The Japanese language is very different in structure from all European languages. The Japanese themselves claim that Russian and English are among the most distant from Japanese. Nevertheless, despite all the complexity, all over the world, including Russia, there are many fans of Japanese culture and the country itself. There are several ways to write a name in Japanese.

How to write a name in Japanese characters
How to write a name in Japanese characters


  • - syllabic alphabet of katakana;
  • - Russian-Japanese dictionary (paper or online).


Step 1

In Japanese, in addition to hieroglyphs, signs of syllabic alphabets (two kana) are used - hiragana and katakana. They sound exactly the same. The difference is in the spelling of phonemes. Hiragana is used to write words of direct Japanese origin, and all borrowings and foreign names are written in katakana, including names.

Step 2

In order to write a name in the katakana syllabic alphabet, find (or better learn) the outline of its signs. Katakana is printed in all paper dictionaries. It is also possible to download the alphabet on the Internet. To do this, type the word "katakana" and the search engine will give you a table of signs. Now break the translated name into syllables and correlate the sound of these syllables with the kana signs. For example, the name Tatiana is decomposed into ta-ti-a-na. Accordingly, in katakana this name will be written as タ チ ア ナ。

Step 3

When spelling a name in Japanese, be aware of several phonetic features. Firstly, all consonants of the Japanese language (except for the sound H) are necessarily accompanied by vowels, and, secondly, in the language of the land of the rising sun there is no sound L, and in all foreign words it is replaced by P. Thus, if your name contains two consonants in a row, then it is necessary to place a vowel between them (most often U or O serve as such an "insert"), and if the name contains the letter L, then replace it with R. For example, the name Svetlana will be written in Japanese as ス ヴ ェ ト ラ ー ナ and will be pronounced Suvetorāna.

Step 4

Each of our names means something and is translated from another language. The next way is that you translate your name and look for a suitable word in the Japanese dictionary. The same Svetlana is translated from Old Slavic as "light". In this case, look for the word "light" in the dictionary - 明 る い (akarui). But even here, only the first two characters are the hieroglyph, in the second two characters these are hiragana characters, which are used to write the variable parts of the word.

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