How To Register A Yacht

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How To Register A Yacht
How To Register A Yacht

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The pleasure of going on a trip on your own yacht is now available not only to millionaires. People of the middle class can also afford to buy a modest sailing vessel, since there are a lot of types of yachts, and their prices fluctuate very much. Regardless of whether you are going to travel around the world or have the right to use exclusively the waterways located inland, the yacht must be registered.

How to register a yacht
How to register a yacht


  • - the passport;
  • - TIN;
  • - documents on the ownership of the yacht;
  • - ship's ticket of previous owners (if purchased from private individuals);
  • - act of initial technical inspection (for a homemade yacht);
  • - sales receipts for materials;
  • - a receipt for payment of registration.


Step 1

Regardless of where you are going to operate a yacht bought or made in Russia in the future, you will not be able to do without registration with the State Inspection Service, the Ministry of Transport or VFPS. And the sooner you get a registration number and all the necessary documents there, the better. Without all the necessary papers, a yacht in Russia will simply not be allowed to launch.

Step 2

The yacht registration process has two components. You need to register the yacht itself, that is, get an identification number, the right to sail under the flag of a certain country, etc. At the same time, the ownership of the ship must be registered. In Russia, this usually happens at the same time.

Step 3

The most convenient way is to contact the nearest branch of the State Inspection for Small Vessels. This will allow the ship to be registered at the owner's place of residence. Sometimes registration is allowed at the place of permanent basing of the vessel. The latter method is preferable if you live far from the yacht anchorage. Write a statement in the prescribed form and submit the documents according to the list. If everything is filled in correctly, the ownership of the yacht must be registered within three working days from the date of receipt of the documents. An appropriate entry must be made in the ship's book.

Step 4

In Russia, a yacht can be registered to one or more owners. Upon completion of the registration procedure, the owner is issued a ship ticket. This document gives the right to sail under the state flag of the Russian Federation.

Step 5

Take a copy of the ship's ticket and have it certified by a notary. The original of this document must be kept by the owner and a notarized copy on the yacht. If the yacht has several owners, the ship's ticket is issued to everyone. The rest of the owners are also entered in the document in the column intended for special marks.

Step 6

Your vessel will be assigned a registration number. In Russia, it consists of three letters and four numbers. The first letter is always P as it stands for the name of the country. This is followed by the letters denoting the subject of the federation. By the number, you can determine whether the yacht is the property of an individual or a legal entity. In the first case, the name of the subject of the federation is written after the numbers, in the second - after the name of the country. The name is registered at the same time as the number. It must be indicated in the application.

Step 7

Inscribe the registration number on both sides. In Russia, there are quite strict standards in this regard. The letters must be at least 150 mm high and at least 100 mm wide. Apply the lettering with contrasting waterproof paint in 15-20 mm lines.

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