How To Refuel A Lighter

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How To Refuel A Lighter
How To Refuel A Lighter

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Many can spend money on the purchase of a new lighter, but not everyone knows that an ordinary plastic accessory can be refilled by yourself. All you need is a can of gas. But safety precautions must be followed!

Refueling is simple and easy
Refueling is simple and easy

Factories make a variety of lighters that can be reused after the gas has been filled by the manufacturer. However, such items are very expensive. Although few people know that cheap plastic lighters also have a refueling function.

Correct position of lighter and refueling can

So, for refueling, the lighter and the can must be turned upside down. This position makes it possible to optimize the pressure in both vessels as much as possible, preventing the occurrence of a strong difference in their value. Thus, the probability of explosion and leakage tends to zero. In addition, this position allows you to refuel the lighter to the maximum.

Refueling process

After the lighter and the cartridge are in the correct position, it is necessary to insert the first end of the cartridge into the corresponding valve. As soon as the valve is attached to the hole, you need to press on the cylinder, and then refueling will take place. Make sure that no gas escapes from the can during the process. You can recognize a leak by the characteristic hiss of the gas, in addition, when it comes out, it chills your hands.

Charging itself lasts about 10 seconds, after which you need to pull your hand sharply. It is not necessary to check the health of the lighter immediately after charging, because recharging, like any adiabatic process, takes place with a decrease in temperature, so the gas will evaporate poorly in the lighter container for some time.

With frequent recharging, excess air remains in the lighter, which is formed when the gas burns. On subsequent charges, it will need to be released, otherwise it will not be possible to fully charge the lighter.

After refueling and normalizing the temperature inside it, you can check the lighter for serviceability and adjust the fire level. When ignited for the first time, the flame can be quite high, take this into account when checking.

In the process of charging the accessory, be careful and careful, follow the safety rules. Remember that the lighter can explode if handled incorrectly. If this does happen, then in the presence of bleeding or burns, it is necessary to treat the wound with an antiseptic and apply a bandage, as well as urgently seek qualified medical help in order to avoid possible complications. Remember, your personal safety comes first!

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