How Does A Women's Razor Differ From A Man's

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How Does A Women's Razor Differ From A Man's
How Does A Women's Razor Differ From A Man's
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Today it is difficult to find a self-respecting woman who does not shave her legs. Manufacturers, on the other hand, only manage to release all new models of women's razors, which are designed to turn shaving into a comfortable and pleasant procedure. However, are there any differences between the female machine and the male, and if not, then why pay more?

How does a women's razor differ from a man's
How does a women's razor differ from a man's

Female vs male

The myth of the difference between women's and men's razors was invented by advertisers and marketers. Modern male looms are no different from functional female looms and are also equipped with a comfortable handle with a ribbed surface to prevent slipping. They also have a floating head, making it easier to remove excess vegetation.

Thus, the convenience and maneuverability of women's razors is no different from razors designed for men.

Both male and female looms have a moisturizing strip with aloe extract. In addition, they both feature a triple-blade swivel head that makes it easy to remove hair from hard-to-reach areas. The only difference between a men's and women's razor is their color scheme - the men's version is always made in dark, restrained shades, while the women's version is most often pink, light green and even canary. When choosing a razor, first of all, you need to focus not on its "gender", but on the functionality and quality of the blades.

Shave correctly

It doesn't matter which razor you choose - womens or mens, the correct shaving algorithm must be fully respected. First you need to steam the dry surface of the skin so that the pores open. Then you need to apply a scrub on your feet, clean off dead cells and lubricate the skin with a moisturizer (creamy soap, special foam or scented gel). The product should be held on the skin for about three minutes.

It is advisable to use special cosmetics for shaving, since it does not clog the razor blade and does not deprive the skin of moisture - unlike simple soap.

The depilation process should not take more than fifteen minutes. You should shave off vegetation in a hot shower, but if you do this for a long time, the skin will begin to wrinkle, and the razor can cut off the top layer of the epidermis. Instead of shaving properly and effectively, you can get an infection as a result of too much effort.

When finished with removing unwanted hair, the skin should be gently blotted with a terry towel and lubricated with women's aftershave lotion - it contains ingredients that moisturize and soothe the skin. The blades of a female or male machine must be changed after four treatments, as their blunt edges can injure and irritate the epidermis.

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