What Is The Climate In Omsk

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What Is The Climate In Omsk
What Is The Climate In Omsk

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Omsk is one of the largest Siberian cities, a regional center with a population of 1 160 670 people. By its geographical location, it is on the same latitude as Moscow, but the climate is much more severe than in the capital.

What is the climate in Omsk
What is the climate in Omsk


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The average temperature in Omsk in January is -19, 4оС, in July +19, 2оС. Sharp fluctuations in seasonal temperatures - from +40 to -40 ° C in winter are due to its location in the center of the Eurasian continent and remoteness from large water bodies, the proximity to which softens the climate. The absence of nearby seas and lakes explains both the small amount of precipitation falling here and the almost complete absence of cloud cover. In the Omsk region, the average annual precipitation, according to the results of long-term observations, is only 350 mm. Atlantic air masses, even if they reach these places, do not have a significant effect on the climate, losing all their weather potential along the way.

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Omsk and its environs are recognized as a zone of risky agriculture, since such a sharply continental climate does not allow the development of agriculture here. The growing season here is short - only 155-163 days; it is possible to grow thermophilic vegetables - tomatoes and cucumbers - only in greenhouses. Those cultivated plants that summer residents and farmers try to grow here are forced to resist not only drought, but also strong dry winds, destroying all hope for a good harvest. The total number of days on which dry winds blow is 40-20 days annually. Of the natural vegetation that has managed to adapt to such difficult weather conditions, coniferous and mixed forests predominate, although the growing season is significantly reduced due to late frosts, which can last until June, and early cold weather, beginning in August.

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In the city itself, its residents also have a hard time - they have to get used to the sharp change in weather, which, even within one day, is characterized by significant temperature fluctuations - up to 10-15 ° C. On some days, Omsk residents have to observe the change in weather and even seasons several times. Winter in the city is frosty, with almost no thaws, temperatures from November to April are below zero. The air warms up to + 5оС only at the end of March, but more often by mid-April. Frosts can begin in autumn as early as September, together with cold winds and occasional rains.

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The thermometer overcomes the mark of + 15 ° C with the first days of June and the last days of August. Therefore, the most comfortable time to visit Omsk is summer, albeit a short one, but warm. And although the average daily temperature during these months rarely rises above 25 ° C, there are very hot days.

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