The Situation Of Women In Uzbekistan

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The Situation Of Women In Uzbekistan
The Situation Of Women In Uzbekistan

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After the Republic of Uzbekistan gained independence, it had more real opportunities to deal with the socio-economic and cultural problems of women in its country.

The situation of women in Uzbekistan
The situation of women in Uzbekistan

The position of women in society and family

The country's government, headed by President Islam Karimov, is making great efforts to ensure that a woman can become a full member of society and take part in solving political and economic issues of the state. In this regard, the position of women in society and in the family must change.

In Uzbekistan, women make up a larger proportion of the population than men. They are engaged in the upbringing of children, take an active part in all spheres of public life. Based on this, the main priority task of the state is to increase the intellectual and cultural level of women.

Uzbek women are employed in almost all major industries - education, medicine, trade, light industry, transport and agriculture. A large number of women hold positions in the judiciary. Many of them are active participants in political parties and hold positions in government.

Recently, women have often competed in entrepreneurial activities with men, which was impossible even 20 or 30 years ago. Basically, their field of activity is the production of consumer goods, the development of industries using the natural resources of Uzbekistan.

Nowadays, almost every Uzbek woman has all the conditions for obtaining higher education, as well as for advanced training.

Support and development of Uzbek women

In 1995, Uzbekistan joined the UN international convention, it was about improving the situation of Uzbek women. At the moment, the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan, created in 1991, has become an organization actively dealing with the problems of women.

The main goals and objectives of this organization are the protection of childhood and motherhood, legal support for women in difficult situations, increasing their literacy and cultural level, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. The Committee deals with the problems of large and low-income families, women with disabilities, the elderly and single.

The Women's Committee pays great attention to attracting as many girls and women as possible to physical education and sports. Many have become active participants in the republican sports festival "Tumaris". More than 500 housewives and working women competed among themselves in various types of sports - rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, table tennis, etc.

The women of Uzbekistan created their own organization "Women's Wing". It discusses more traditional and close to the heart of every woman's problems - family, parenting, healthy motherhood.

It is safe to say that a woman who occupies a worthy place in society, has an education, a profession, can always defend her rights and raise a worthy future generation.

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