What Is The Climate In Altai

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What Is The Climate In Altai
What Is The Climate In Altai

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Altai Territory or the Altai Republic is located in the middle zone of the temperate climatic zone. The sun heats these latitudes unevenly throughout the year: in summer with excess, and in winter sparingly.

What is the climate in Altai
What is the climate in Altai


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The region is located practically in the center of the Eurasian continent, at a considerable distance from the seas and oceans. Due to this, in summer, the land warms up well, the temperature is like in the subtropics. High solstice contributes to hot weather, and as a result, a long day. In winter, the sun is low at its zenith, the weather is clear and frosty, but there are also blizzards. Such temperature fluctuations - hot summers and frosty winters - are characteristic of the harsh continental climate.

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Altai weather can be characterized as unstable, changing dramatically. Any surprises can be expected from her. At the height of winter, a thaw suddenly sets in and it rains, and in summer the 30-degree heat suddenly gives way to a cold snap. This is due to different air flows passing through the territory of the region. Here you can find temperate continental air coming from Central Asia and arctic air moving from north to south. Marine temperate masses penetrate from the west. These air currents form the unique climate of the region. Sometimes a continental tropical air stream enters Altai; it brings early spring and hot summer.

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In the mountainous part of Altai, the weather is moderately warm in summer, average temperatures are +20 - 25 ° C, there is a lot of precipitation. Winters here are not too harsh, with many snows, the usual temperatures are -15-17 ° C, the mountain range protects from cold air masses. In the northern regions, winters are cold and there is little snow. Daytime temperatures are -20-25 ° C, on other days they reach -30, at night from -25 to -35 ° C. Summer pleases - warm, dry. The driest and hottest are the western lowland areas, summer temperatures can reach +35, rarely up to +40 degrees, there are often dry winds.

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It may be winter in October, but it snows down thoroughly by November 15-20. In different years, the height of the snow cover is different, on average 40-60 cm, there are years when there is almost no snow, in other winters, as was the case in 2012-2013, it literally floods with snow. The most blizzard month is February. At the beginning of March, the drops "sing", the snow cover subsides, thaws, but I can also hit frosts.

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Snow completely melts at the end of April. In May, nature comes to life, buds bloom on trees, average temperatures are +12 - 17 degrees. In early June, there may be ground frosts. The final hot weather is set in June – July. The first month of summer is usually dry, it rains in July, rarely in August. Autumn for the last 5-7 years has been dry, warm - a real "Indian summer".

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The climate in Altai is undergoing changes, winters have become less frosty, and summer is not as hot as before and comes with a delay, if 10 years ago the swimming season opened in May, now it is still cool in early June.

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