How To Open A Bottle

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How To Open A Bottle
How To Open A Bottle

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If you bought a vintage perfume with a ground-in cork, you need to carefully open the bottle without damaging it or spoiling the contents. It is equally difficult to unscrew the tightly screwed cap or remove the sealed aluminum packaging from the neck of the pharmacy bottle. However, with certain skills and accuracy, you can handle any bottle. The main thing is not to rush.

How to open a bottle
How to open a bottle


  • - latex gloves;
  • - rubber or leather lace;
  • - harsh thread;
  • - hot water;
  • - sharp scissors;
  • - pliers.


Step 1

The fragile perfume bottle is the hardest thing to open. Vintage perfume is often equipped with a ground-in cork, which “sticks” to the neck so tightly that it is impossible to uncork it in the usual way. Don't try to force it - the delicate bubble will just crack in your hands.

Step 2

Place the bottle in the freezer, wrap it in a cloth, and lean the neck and stopper against the wall for maximum cooling. Remove the perfume from the refrigerator after 10-15 minutes. Put on rubber non-slip gloves and try to open the bottle. Most likely, the cork will give in.

Step 3

You can try another way. Wrap a thin but strong rubber or leather cord between the cork and the neck of the bottle. Pour warm water over the winding area. If the plug does not budge, continue winding the cord. It will act like a soft lever and gradually slide the tight-fitting lid off.

Step 4

If you can't find a cord at hand, take a coarse thread. Fold a loop out of it, put it on the neck of the bubble and quickly move it back and forth, warming up the junction of the cork and bottle. You can gently tap the neck with a pencil to help remove the cork faster.

Step 5

Sometimes mechanical methods of influence do not help. Try other options. Dip the capricious bottle neck down into a container filled with vodka or alcohol. After a few hours, try to open the plug.

Step 6

Tightly screwed plastic or metal screw caps open differently. Pour hot water over the neck of the bubble. If after that the lid does not budge, wrap it with a napkin, gently grasp it with pliers and turn. So you can open bottles of nail polish or pharmacy mixtures.

Step 7

An equally difficult case is uncorking a bottle closed with a sealed aluminum foil lid. Usually it is compressed very tightly along the neck of the bubble. To gain access to its contents and not injure your fingers, carefully cut the aluminum from above, from the side of the soft rubber stopper. Guide the scissor blade to the edge. Having completely cut the metal cap on one side, carefully remove it from the bottle. To protect your hands from possible injury, it is better to do this procedure with rubber gloves.

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