How Was The Life Of The Members Of The Tatu Group

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How Was The Life Of The Members Of The Tatu Group
How Was The Life Of The Members Of The Tatu Group

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At the opening of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, the participants of the phenomenally popular duet Tatu performed in the past. This fueled another outburst of public interest in their creative and personal life. What are Julia and Lena doing today?

How did the life of the members of the Tatu group develop?
How did the life of the members of the Tatu group develop?

In the first decade of the 21st century, the Tatu group became famous not only in Russia: America, Japan and a number of European countries experienced a real boom in Tatu-mania. The shocking images of Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina, their ambiguous behavior on stage and provocative lyrics, video clips and photo shoots - that's what the popularity of this girlish duo was based on. Each of the Tatu members began their solo careers back in 2009, and they finally and irrevocably announced the breakup of the duet in 2011. How did the girls' lives develop after that?

Lena Katina: life after Tatu

Today Lena is a young, attractive and talented girl who is actively working on her solo career. Unfortunately, she was unable to repeat the success of the Tatu duet, despite the fact that the songs and singles she recorded were quite commercially successful. Over the past five years, there have been such hits from Lena Katina as “Melody”, “Shot”, “Yugoslavia”, “Paradise” and “Never Forget”. Most of the songs were recorded in Los Angeles, where Lena settled after the end of her creative union with Yulia Volkova.

What can you say about the personal life of the red-haired ex-"Tatu"? It has developed quite successfully. Because of the image of a lesbian couple, which was strongly supported by the members of the Tatu duet, the girls always carefully concealed their relationships with men. It was all the more unexpected when in 2012 Elena publicly announced her affair with a musician from Slovenia, permanently living in Los Angeles, Sasho Kuzmanovich. In the summer of 2013, the lovers got married and are still happily married.

Julia Volkova after Tatu: life goes on

The creative successes of Yulia Volkova, in truth, did not become in any way noticeable to everyone except her fans, who have been following the singer's activities since the existence of the Tatu duet. In 2011, two of her new hits "Rage" and "Woman all the way down" were put on rotation of some radio stations, and in 2012 the song "Didn`t wanna do it" was recorded. In the same year, Yulia participated in the selection of an artist who would represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest, but lost to the Buranovskie Babushkas.

As for the personal life of the “little black girl from Tatu,” Julia gave birth to a daughter back in 2004. The pregnancy was not planned, but the girl decided to keep the baby. In 2007, even during the existence of the duo, Yulia secretly married a prominent businessman named Parviz Yasinov; in the same year, the girl bore him a son and converted to Islam. In 2010, the couple broke up. Currently, Julia does not advertise her personal life.

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