How Is Paraffin Wax Used

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How Is Paraffin Wax Used
How Is Paraffin Wax Used

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Paraffin is obtained from petroleum distillation. The final product has a compacted structure, white color, odorless and does not contain any impurities. When exposed to heat, it acquires a viscous consistency. It is used in cosmetics and medicine.

How is paraffin wax used
How is paraffin wax used


  • - paraffin;
  • - pan.


Step 1

Paraffin treatments will take 30 to 60 minutes. They should be done daily or every other day, a couple of hours before bedtime. If they are held during the day, then rest is needed for 30-60 minutes. Their total number ranges from 12 to 20, depending on the patient's well-being. For the paraffin application, you need to put a large saucepan on the stove, put a wooden board on the bottom, and put a smaller saucepan on top. Put the paraffin in the inner saucepan, close the lid tightly, and fill the large one with water so that not a drop of liquid gets into the paraffin.

Step 2

Turn on the stove on a minimum heat, in 40-60 minutes the substance heats up to 60-70 ° C and acquires a viscous structure. When the saucepan is cool, carefully remove it and apply the contents with a brush to the affected or sore area of ​​the body. Apply several layers until the thickness is 10-20 mm. Cover the top with an oilcloth slightly larger than the area itself, and wrap it up with a warm scarf or blanket.

Step 3

At home, you can make a paraffin heating pad and apply it to the sore spot. Sew a heating pad out of a small oilcloth. Before use, fill it with paraffin and dip it in a container of hot water. Moisture must not penetrate inside. When the paraffin is warmed up, wrap the heating pad with a towel and attach it to the body, wrapping it on top with a warm blanket or scarf. Various paraffin baths and masks are also used.

Step 4

Prepare a water bath, put paraffin wax in an inner pot and close it tightly. While it is melting, prepare your face. Clean it off with a scrub or just wash. When the substance melts, check the inside of your wrist to see if it is too hot. Now apply with a brush or spatula to the face without affecting the areas around the eyes.

Step 5

Cover the bottom layer with a gauze pad with holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. Apply a few more coats on top. Leave the mask on for 16-20 minutes. After the lapse of time, grasping the edges of the napkin at the base of the chin, carefully remove the entire mass. Remove the remaining paraffin with water. Moisturize your face with a regular cream.

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