How To Store Contact Lenses

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How To Store Contact Lenses
How To Store Contact Lenses

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Contact lenses are a real find for people who cannot boast of visual acuity. However, it should be remembered that modern lenses are made of special materials that are porous in structure and capable of absorbing liquid. And along with it - and various substances that can lead to discomfort and even decreased vision. Therefore, it is important to store and maintain your lenses properly.

How to store contact lenses
How to store contact lenses


Step 1

Store contact lenses in a special container. It consists of two small containers connected together. Each of them should be tightly closed with a lid to prevent the solution from pouring out or evaporation. The container should be washed with disinfectant solution or soap. By ignoring these rules and forgetting to keep the container clean, you are allowing dangerous bacteria to multiply that can get on the lens, and therefore get into your eyes. It is worth changing the container for storing lenses at least once every six months, but if possible, do it more often.

Step 2

To clean the lens from organic deposits that form after contact with the eyes, you should use special solutions that have passed ophthalmological control. You should buy them only at the pharmacy. It is advisable to choose fairly well-known brands: the chemical composition of such solutions is safe for the eyes. The use of low-quality products will not only ruin the lenses, but can also lead to visual impairment and various diseases. Also, do not use expired solutions.

Step 3

Place the lens on your open palm to clean it. Pour in a small amount of solution, sufficient to completely cover the lens surface. Use the index finger of your other hand to wipe the lens surface with gentle rotational motions, then turn it over and repeat on the other side. Then rinse the lens again and place in a container filled with fresh solution. The lenses should "rest" for at least 4 hours. Please note that the lids of the container compartments must be tightly closed. If you are taking a break from wearing your lenses, remember to change the product every 3-5 days. Lenses that have been stored in the same solution for a long time should not be worn anymore.

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