What Is Fate And Can It Be Changed

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What Is Fate And Can It Be Changed
What Is Fate And Can It Be Changed
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Almost any person would like to change something in their destiny. There are many ways to do this, but first you need to understand what exactly does not suit you.



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By fate, it is customary to understand the totality of all circumstances and events that affect a person's life. There are two diametrically opposite ideas about fate. According to the first, there is no way to change predetermined events; according to the second, fate can be influenced.

Step 2

The easiest way to change your destiny is to change your life goals. Take on something new, set yourself higher goals, start doing what you've dreamed of all your life. Such changes are immediately reflected in life. To start changing your destiny, it is enough to directly and honestly answer the question: "Why do I live?" If you do not have this answer, most likely your fate and life do not suit you too much. Find the answer to the question "What do I want to devote my life to?" Even such reflections and the search for important answers are already triggering changes in a person's life.

Step 3

If you know exactly what is wrong in your destiny, you have this clear understanding, try to directly address the universe, higher forces, God. Do not use memorized language, speak from the heart. Such an appeal most often sounds like an arbitrary prayer. You should not ask the universe for some material goods and transient things, ask for changes in fate.

Step 4

Such a verbal appeal to higher powers is not suitable for everyone; some people prefer to write letters. In such letters, it is easier to sort out your ideas about fate, you can write not only what you want to change, but also why. Even if you think such a letter is nonsense, try writing it as a kind of psychological exercise. Such texts sometimes help you to see what exactly in your life you are doing wrong, what mistakes you make from time to time, considering this a manifestation of evil fate.

Step 5

Since everything in the world is interconnected, you can influence your fate and your future by changing your attitude to the past, for this you need to write a letter again, in which you tell in detail why you are grateful to your past, what lessons you learned from it, list your achievements … Write not only about bright moments, but also about difficulties, hardships and tragedies. You can write such a letter for a long time, along the way understanding yourself. These experiences will allow you to take a fresh look at your life. After finishing the letter, seal it, say an arbitrary heartfelt prayer of gratitude. Carry this letter with you.

Step 6

Such practices allow you to strongly influence your destiny; after a short time, changes will begin in your life. Sometimes they happen the very next day.

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