Where To Complain About Extortion In The Garden

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Where To Complain About Extortion In The Garden
Where To Complain About Extortion In The Garden

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Parents have the right to provide financial assistance to the municipal kindergarten. You can use your own funds to make repairs in the group, buy toys and manuals. This is not prohibited by Russian law. But there is one immutable rule, which, unfortunately, is often forgotten by both the heads of children's institutions and the parents themselves. Fundraising is purely voluntary. Parents have every right to refuse, and no one has the right to punish either them or even the child for this. One can and should complain about too frequent extortions.

Where to complain about extortions in the garden
Where to complain about extortions in the garden


  • - a computer with a text editor and Internet access;
  • - minutes of parenting meetings;
  • - phonebook.


Step 1

Only parents themselves have the right to collect money for repairs, toys and benefits. Neither the manager nor the educator should do this. They can only bring the issue of financial assistance to the kindergarten to the parents' meeting, which must make the appropriate decision. However, you have every right to disagree with this decision. The money should be collected by a representative of the parent committee, whose responsibilities include reporting on the use of funds. Usually, kindergarten managers do without unnecessary formalities. They simply instruct the caregivers to raise money. If you do not consider it necessary to take them, you have every right to refuse.

Step 2

Talk to parents in other groups. If too frequent extortions are only in your group, try first to find out from the manager for what purpose the money is being collected. If this is a decision of the kindergarten leadership, it is obliged to give you a full report on where the funds raised will go and why it is needed.

Step 3

If the fees are about the same in all groups, file a complaint with your local education department. This body may have other names - committee or department of education. Your complaint must be considered in the same way as any other citizens' appeals, regardless of how you sent it to this body. The letter must be registered with you, if you applied personally, or send a notice by post or e-mail. The results should also be reported to you in writing.

Step 4

You can also complain to the deputy head of the local administration in charge of the social sphere. The work of kindergartens is within his competence. It is also better to apply in writing, observing all the formalities.

Step 5

Situations are not uncommon when money is collected in the kindergarten, but parents do not see either new equipment or reports on the expenditure of funds. In this case, your path lies in the prosecutor's office. It is this body that should monitor how Russian legislation is being observed. Since coercive levies are illegal, and certain rules must be followed for voluntary fundraising, methods of prosecutorial response are possible - a warning, an administrative penalty and even a criminal case. If other parents are also outraged by the continuous collection of money and the lack of accountability, it is better to write a collective complaint.

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