How To Improve The Image Of Russia In The West

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How To Improve The Image Of Russia In The West
How To Improve The Image Of Russia In The West

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The Russian government, concerned with improving the image of our state in the world, is hiring European and American PR agencies for this. The result of their successful work was that Russia managed to win the right to host such major global competitions as the 2014 Olympics, 2013 Universiades and the 2018 FIFA World Cup on its territory. At the same time, many analysts note that Russia still has problems with its image.

How to improve the image of Russia in the West
How to improve the image of Russia in the West


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Not only Russia is working to improve its image. For example, countries such as Ireland, Israel, Ukraine, China or Poland, and many others, too, involve their numerous national diasporas in this process, already living in the West for several generations. Unfortunately, for historical reasons, the bulk of the Russian diaspora, whose opinion can be listened to, are the descendants of white emigrants. Not all of them are ready to represent modern Russia and vouch for it with their names. Those emigrants who came abroad later are disunited and do not represent a real political force.

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Political observers believe that the creation of Russian public organizations that would deal with foreign policy issues can improve Russia's image in the West. These exist today, but the number of their offices operating in the USA, Canada and Europe is very limited. Recently, the Institute for Democracy and Cooperation was created, with branches in New York and Paris, but this, of course, is not enough.

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One of the well-known opponents of the current Russian government, Edward Lucas, a columnist for the London edition of The Economist, who recently published his political study The New Cold War, notes that the question of improving Russia's image in the West cannot be raised at all, since it depends on reality, and if it is bad, then it is impossible to improve the image. Consequently, one of the ways to improve the country's image is to carry out democratic reforms not only in the form of declarations, but also in reality.

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However, our government is trying to make further attempts. An information center is now planned to open in Washington. Its functions will include providing complete and objective information about everything that is happening in the country, as well as holding seminars, conferences and briefings to which leading Russian and American political analysts will be invited. The Center plans to conduct internships for international students from Russia on its territory and provide grants and scholarships to American experts wishing to intern in our country.

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