Do Aliens Exist

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Do Aliens Exist
Do Aliens Exist

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For many centuries, eyewitnesses have been observing UFOs, unidentified objects are registered in different parts of the world by radars, flying "saucers" are recorded by photo and video cameras, and the approach of the aliens themselves is felt by certain animals. All this may indicate a possible human contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. However, there is still no official evidence of this.

There is no official proof of the existence of aliens yet
There is no official proof of the existence of aliens yet


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The world is full of rumors about human contacts with alien beings. Such information cannot be ignored: space and everything connected with it has always aroused genuine interest in people. If we talk about evidence proving the existence of extraterrestrials, then it is impossible to say unequivocally that there is undeniable evidence of this, of course, it is impossible. For example, the most popular "evidence" of the existence of aliens are photography and video filming. But in the modern age, equipped with high-precision computer technology, such a "proof" can be created in just 10 minutes.

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Nevertheless, ufologists still continue to study all the available photographs and videos showing the existence of aliens. Experts already quite easily distinguish fakes and falsifications from true evidence: they examine the picture under high magnification. This allows them to see individual particles of the image, called pixels. It is the pixels that can betray a fake. By the way, a huge number of photographs with natural anomalies in the form of burning gases glowing in the atmosphere, with military aircraft or natural space objects, also fall into the hands of ufologists. All this, too, can in no way indicate the existence of aliens.

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For the purity of the experiment, ufologists and other scientists are considering photographs taken long before the appearance of various high-tech devices. These photographs clearly show the contours of various aircraft, which have a wide variety of shapes. The bizarre shapes of these "spaceships" suggest that man was not involved in this at all, which, in turn, may be evidence of the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization. Nevertheless, ufologists and other "space" specialists do not undertake to unambiguously affirm or deny the existence of aliens. This is understandable: no official contacts have yet been recorded, and only photographs and videos are not enough.

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It is worth noting that the records of the Roman historian Cicero, dating from the first century BC, are of great interest to ufologists. The historian mentioned nine celestial phenomena in them. For example, Cicero wrote that one night he saw the sun, accompanied by a strange noise. It seemed to him that the sky would crack and reveal its mysterious balls. From the reign of Alexander the Great to the present, there have also been several references to UFOs. The first of these dates back to 329 BC and the second to 322 BC. In the first case, we are talking about two luminous "silver shields" that swooped down on the army of Alexander the Great, and in the second - about five "round shields" that formed a triangle and destroyed the walls and towers of one of the Macedonian cities besieged by the army.

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