What Fruits Grow In Cyprus

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What Fruits Grow In Cyprus
What Fruits Grow In Cyprus

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Oddly enough, not so many goodies grew in Cyprus initially. They began to actively import new species from the 8th century. Due to the fact that the Mediterranean climate is conducive to the cultivation of various fruit and berry crops, most of the fruits have taken root, it is now even difficult for Cypriots to imagine their life without some.

What fruits grow in Cyprus
What fruits grow in Cyprus

Exotic in paints

As for the original species (the tradition of which is also rather arbitrary), here travelers can taste the fruits of prickly pear (a kind of cactus), traditional for this area, enjoy fresh mangoes, appreciate the originality of the pataya and the "dragon". In Cyprus, you may come across another interesting fruit - the pear-apple. Round, like an apple in shape, it is covered with small specks, like a pear. Sweet and aromatic taste. Medlar will deceive with its brightness, promising sweetness - in fact, it is sour.

Loved ones, acquaintances … Cypriot?

And yet, the first thing that catches your eye in Cyprus is the citrus fruits that have long been familiar and beloved by the hearts of compatriots. Limes, oranges, lemons, tangerines, pamelo - all this luxury is in abundance on the island, which is why you can find very affordable prices for these types.

The fruits that are sold in supermarkets and frutories are grown in special groves, but a large number of citrus trees grow right within the city. No one collects the latter for obvious reasons: the air polluted by cars is not very conducive to eating fruits. Citrus fruits in Cyprus can be enjoyed almost all year round, thanks to the fact that they are harvested several times per season.

There are also grapes here, however, most of it is grown for winemaking, but you can still find several aromatic and tasty varieties that are intended for fresh consumption. Among them are stunning pink grapes with seeds and are not inferior in taste to it quiche-mish.

Bananas in Cyprus grow mostly small. Not only tourists, but also the indigenous inhabitants of the island are sensitive to them. Strawberries have been grown since the end of winter. We must pay tribute to the resourcefulness of the local population - they grow it in greenhouses. The beloved and native fig, it turns out, is not only the property of the North Caucasus - it is also present here. Cypriot pomegranate will delight you not so much with its beautiful appearance as with the juiciness of maroon grains, which, alas, cannot be seen behind the thick skin.

If you can taste citrus crops in Cyprus, no matter what time your trip is supposed to take place, then many other fruits appear on the island only during certain months. So, those wishing to taste the grapes grown by Cypriots, for example, are better off coming to the island from August to October. Such features should be taken into account if, in addition to cultural, you also have a gastronomic interest.

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