What Is A Steam Station

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What Is A Steam Station
What Is A Steam Station

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The steam station is a modern ironing device that replaces the conventional iron. The steam station consists of the iron itself (iron), a steam generator (boiler) and a connecting hose. Allows you to iron faster and more efficiently than using an iron.

What is a steam station
What is a steam station

Technical features

The steam station is a professional appliance designed for domestic use. All elements of the steam station are part of a complete apparatus. The steam generator acts at the same time as a support for the iron. The system of operation of the steam station is as follows: ordinary water is poured into the steam generator, where, under the influence of high temperature and pressure, it is transformed into steam and through a special hose it enters the section of the ironing surface of the iron. Thus, smoothing occurs due to the action of hot jets of steam with high pressure. The device provides continuous steam.

The steam station is a massive overall device and requires a corner specially equipped for ironing. The corner should include a special ironing board with legs - with a lattice base or all-metal. It is not recommended to use a wooden board - under the influence of steam it will get wet and deteriorate.

Benefits of using

The dimensions of the steam station do not affect the readiness speed of the appliance after the appliance is plugged into the mains. water heating in the steam generator takes 2-6 minutes, depending on the brand of the steam station. The main feature of the steam station is the special supply of steam under pressure: the steam pressure in the steam station is 3-5 bar. The higher the pressure, the stronger the steam ironing effect. Thanks to the power of the steam, the steam station can effectively iron sheets and towels that are folded in several layers. In addition, it significantly reduces the ironing time.

Due to the output of the steam generator in a separate device, the weight of the ironing device itself - the iron - is less than the weight of a conventional iron. The lightness of the iron ensures the ease of use of the steam station and the ease of the ironing process itself. In addition, the surface of the iron in the steam station can be equipped with soles with a special coating for a delicate effect on fabrics to be ironed. The effect of steam allows you to minimize the pressure of the iron on the surface, even for smoothing out wrinkles and difficult fabrics.

Another feature of using the steam station is the absence of the problem of rust stains or limescale stains on the surfaces to be smoothed. This is due to the fact that scale from the water settles inside the steam generator and does not get directly into the removed steam. The steam station also effectively solves the issue of disinfection of the processed tissues due to exposure to high temperatures steam. In addition, the vertical steaming function can be used in the steam station.

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