How To Straighten The Fishing Line

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How To Straighten The Fishing Line
How To Straighten The Fishing Line

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The line is a thin, strong, usually transparent thread that is used primarily as fishing tackle. There are two types of lines - braided line, consisting of several woven threads and mono-line - from one thread. In order for it to serve for a long time, it needs constant care.

How to straighten the line
How to straighten the line


Step 1

In the process of spinning fishing by pulling the line, the line may twist, which interferes with fishing, since the line between the rings is intertwined and wound on the reel drum. When it is rolled up, jamming may occur, which prevents repeated casting of the bait. In this case, without leaving far from the fishing spot, reel all the fishing line from the reel and pull it out on a flat, free of vegetation place, and then pass the fishing line through a cloth from the reel itself several times.

Step 2

Remember to leave the end of the line free while doing this. Thanks to this simple operation, the twisted and braided sections of the line will straighten.

Step 3

At home, the alignment should be repeated by winding the line around the drum, passing it between your fingers.

Step 4

With the beginning of the fishing season, many fishermen find that the line has lost its smoothness, faded, covered with dried algae particles, which are also clear signs of its "ill health". To clean the line, unwind the line to its full length and then, without applying force, rewind it around the spool, passing it through a small, clean cloth.

Step 5

If you are fishing, then from a protruding place on the bank or from a boat, lower all the line along the river, while cleaning it in the mentioned way. Taking into account this problem, individual firms specializing in the production of fishing accessories began to produce special shampoos that not only cleanse the fishing line, but also cover its surface with a protective compound.

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