Where Does The Knife Fall?

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Where Does The Knife Fall?
Where Does The Knife Fall?

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A knife falling to the floor most often prevents an unwanted male guest from entering the house. If you do not want to meet one, you can knock with a knife on the floor, or on the edge of the table.


In the course of human ontogenesis, signs began to appear that tell about what awaits in the near future. Some omens are so deeply rooted in life that people at the subconscious level already know what they mean.

You can often see how, after the knife falls to the floor, the owner of the house takes it in his hands and knocks on the floor three times. What does this mean? It is believed that if you knock on the floor with a fallen object of tableware (knife, spoon, fork) three times, the omen will not come true.

Where does the knife fall?

It is believed that the knife falls, foreshadowing the arrival of an uninvited guest. More precisely, men. If a fork and a spoon can mean the arrival of a person of any gender, but more often a woman, the knife signals the visit of only a representative of the stronger sex.

It is also important how the knife fell. For example, if the knife fell with the handle down, a person who the owner of the house knows will come. There will be no trouble from him. When the knife is stuck in the floor, the guest will be a stranger. If the knife is stuck in such a way that the blade is facing the person, the guest will appear with unpleasant intentions.

Do not be afraid of a fallen knife, as you can prevent the appearance of guests by doing some manipulations. At first glance, it may seem that this is too simple, but according to experienced people, it works flawlessly.

How to prevent guests from coming

If you don't want guests to show up unexpectedly, you can resort to old proven methods. It is necessary to knock on the floor with a knife. It is important to knock with the blunt side of the blade.

Some suggest knocking not on the floor, but on the table, while saying: "Stay at home." This will help to convince a potential guest from a distance that it is better for him to stay at home and not go anywhere. All people are connected to each other by invisible threads that allow communication at a distance, including the deeper layers of consciousness.

If you are positive about the appearance of potential guests, just place the knife on the table. This will act as a signal that they are invited.

When the knife falls and sticks into the floor while slicing bread, be sure to tap the floor with the back of the blade. In this case, one must be silent. This is a very bad omen that foreshadows the appearance of the deceased.

It often happens that after the fall of the knife, quarrels begin in the house. Be that as it may, but the knife must be handled very carefully. Even if you do not believe in omens, he can fall and injure his leg.

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