What Are The Funniest Names In The World

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What Are The Funniest Names In The World
What Are The Funniest Names In The World

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There are no names in the world. Almost each of them have their own meaning and original history of origin. However, today there are more cases when a child, due to origin or parental whim, gets such a funny name that one can only sympathize with him.

What are the funniest names in the world
What are the funniest names in the world

Most original names

Due to the fashion for ancient names, parents in recent years began to baptize their children with John, Luke, Eremey, Ogneslavs, Matthews, Marks, Anthony and so on. The world-famous characters did not go unnoticed - children with the names Cinderella, Messiah, Hitler, Lucifer, Dredd and Megatron could well be met on the street today if they were not banned. Emotions are also held in high esteem by parents - some prefer to name the heirs briefly and succinctly - Joy or Happiness. In the city of Korolev, near Moscow, there lives a girl whose name is Viagra - the girl's parents explain their strange choice by their love for the group of the same name and the corresponding drug with which the child was conceived.

Speaking of brevity - in New Zealand, it was forbidden to call children by names that consist of one number or letter, since the demand for them has increased significantly.

One nineteen-year-old American woman changed her name for ideological reasons, calling herself CutoutDissection.com - from her email address. In Sweden, a man named his son Oliver Google, after his favorite internet search engine. Often, the children of stars also suffer from the goth originality of parents - for example, the daughter of the cult rock guitarist Frank Zappa received the name Moon Unit from her daddy. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and musician Chris Martin, without further ado, named their first-born Apple, and guitarist Keith Richards gave his son the name Dandelion (Dandelion).

Funniest names

The record holders for the funniest names in the world are not Russians and Americans, but the Japanese. Among them you can find citizens with such funny names for Russians as Atomuli Yadalato, Yatasuka Nakomode, Nakosika Sukasena, Moyahata Syrovato, Tomimo Tokoso, Komuhari Komusishi, Tolisiku Tolikaku, Yasuka Takaya, Komuto Herovato, Ruchishchito Shirehari and Toyama Tokanawa.

The Japanese themselves do not even suspect how funny their names sound for Russian-speaking people, so they are very perplexed when meeting laughing Russians.

Do not lag behind the Japanese and Romanians, Czechs, Bulgarians and Poles with their Stoyan Rakovs, Lezhany Razdvinonogovs, Vynka Melochs, Bzdasheks Zapadlovskis, Sri Bestresks, Matsals Koshekovs and Mykols Zayitskys. In France, you can find Jean-Luc de Blue and Olivier de Juy-Glotaille, in Greece - Spiro Napolnasrakis and Thanos Slyunidopolu, and in Germany - Hans Trachenberger and Helga Schlucher. Such Chechen, Armenian and Georgian names as Arson of Sarayev, Roll of Wallpaper and Harem of Playboy, Gazon Zaseyan and Vagon Opohmelyan, as well as Givi Nabzdel and Ogogo Dobegulia distinguished themselves.

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