How To Grow An Orchid

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How To Grow An Orchid
How To Grow An Orchid

There are a great many types of orchids. Therefore, buy plants with labels that have at least a little information about the flower, or ask the seller questions - after all, some orchids like heat, and others like cold; some love the sun, others shade, etc. However, there are general rules for caring for any orchid.

How to grow an orchid
How to grow an orchid


  • - a pot;
  • - drainage;
  • - fertilizers for indoor plants;
  • - humidifier.


Step 1

Along with the flowers, buy the appropriate transplanting substrate for the orchid variety. If you want your plant to bloom for as long as possible, purchase orchids with buds. If outside the window outside the temperature is below + 16 degrees, then the delicate orchid should be carried home, wrapped in paper or polyethylene.

Step 2

Water the orchids only when the potted soil is completely dry. Be extremely careful: the substrate dries unevenly. It often turns out that the top layer is completely dry, and in the middle of the pot it is still wet. To determine the time of the next watering, you need to remember the approximate weight of the freshly watered pot and "water" the orchid when the container becomes half lighter. You can also slightly dig out the top layer of the earth and check how humid it is inside.

Step 3

Water your orchids with warm, soft water only. Before this, the water must be defended for at least a day. Excess liquid during watering should flow out of the pot, since stagnant moisture leads to rotting of the flower roots. Watering orchids is best in the morning.

Step 4

When growing orchids, use drainage - a layer of hard pieces of bark, expanded clay or foam at the bottom of the pot, which will help avoid stagnant water. During a period of active growth in clear weather, feed the orchids with a weak solution of fertilizer for indoor plants.

Step 5

Flowers require fresh air, but drafts should be avoided. In winter, when the heating is on in the apartments and the air is dry, use a humidifier.

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