How To Build An RC Model

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How To Build An RC Model
How To Build An RC Model

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There are several ways to conquer the sky. One of them is to start making radio-controlled models. Those who have taken at least one hand-made plane into the sky will never give up this exciting activity.

How to build an RC model
How to build an RC model


Step 1

Today there is a lot to choose from and a lot to choose from. For example, a model of one of the best Soviet fighters Yak-3. When determining the dimensions of the future model, proceed from the power of the 2.5 cm3 engine. They will turn out as follows - the wingspan is 1150 mm, the length is 950 mm.

Step 2

In accordance with the drawing, make the slats and cut the ribs of the ceiling tiles. Cut holes in the ribs for the rails-spars and glue them together with wood glue, or "Dragon" or "Titan".

Step 3

Then prepare sheets of 500x500 mm and cut out the lower halves of the wing skin from them. Reinforcements for ribs and chassis struts are best made from linden or aspen timber. Next, cut out the upper halves and stretch the upper surface of the wings.

Step 4

When the covers are dry, you can start making the leading edges of the wings, for which glue a few strips of ceiling material to the front of the wings. After that, connect both halves and reinforce the gluing place with plywood inserts.

Step 5

The engine compartment is recommended to be made of aspen blocks and 2 mm plywood. After gluing, finish the finished parts well with an emery wheel and sandpaper. After that, you can glue the cheeks to the bow, and then the second frame. To prevent the wood from spoiling from gasoline and oil, cover the inner surface of the engine compartment with nitro varnish.

Step 6

When the frame is glued, cover it with ceiling material. The covering is carried out in several stages. At the end of the wrapping inside the fuselage, place the steering gears of all controls with the possibility of their possible quick replacement. Use the trims of the slats of the desired section as fasteners.

Step 7

Make the tail and rudders from two layers of ceiling material. To cover the model, take a regular self-adhesive film of the appropriate color. A small overlap of about 3mm should be made at the joints of the films. You can paint the plane with a spray gun or spray paint. Radio control equipment is best purchased at a store.

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