What Is Good Taste

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What Is Good Taste
What Is Good Taste
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Taste is not only a property of food. Man has a taste, good or bad. Good taste is the ability to see beauty, to find harmony in everything that surrounds, to receive aesthetic pleasure from things and to be able to reveal this beautiful to others.

What is good taste
What is good taste

What is the taste

Most often it is judged that a person has good taste or that he has a complete lack of taste by the way he dresses. And it is not surprising: it is known that people are greeted by their clothes.

The ability to present oneself, to compose a holistic image from wardrobe items and one's natural data, to play up the undoubted advantages and divert attention from shortcomings - these are, perhaps, the main features that determine the presence of taste in clothes.

It is a mistake to think that good taste is about following fashion trends. Not everything that looks great on catwalk divas will organically look on a specific person. On the contrary, there are things “out of time” that looked great several years or even decades ago and have not lost their relevance to this day. Such wardrobe details are also called basic.

It is believed that a person with good taste does not change his wardrobe every season in accordance with the latest fashion trends, but only adds fashion accessories and details to his basic wardrobe.

Of course, when choosing clothes, the owner of good taste will take into account the peculiarities of his figure, and his age, and the manner of movement, and the appropriateness of this or that thing in a particular situation. He will never wear even the most wonderful beach dress to the office or go on a date in a business suit.

The presence or absence of taste also determines how he organizes his habitat, i.e. housing, workplace, interior of your car. And it is not so important in what style the apartment will be furnished, its occupant prefers ascetic minimalism or luxurious baroque. The main thing is that all interior details look appropriate, organic and make up a single ensemble.

But even the most stylishly furnished room should, first of all, be adapted for life, convenient for the owner, be adapted to his usual rhythm of life, favorite activities. Combining comfort and beauty is the highest manifestation of taste in the ability to organize living space.

How to develop taste

But the ability to tastefully select things that surround a person, be it clothing or interior items, is impossible without the ability to understand the beauty of what has already been created by mankind over the long centuries of its existence. First of all, it is art. The ability to appreciate the beauty of the language of a literary work, the laconic or whimsical lines of an architectural monument, the harmony of musical accords or combinations of colors on the artist's canvas - all this speaks of a developed artistic taste. Having learned to see and appreciate the beauty in art, a person will be able to apply this skill in his life.

And, of course, nature was and remains the main "educator" of good taste. In any of her creations there is no dissonance, a combination of incongruous, everything is harmonious and organic. If a person learns to see and feel the beauty of nature, to notice the “ways” by which she “achieves” the laconic lines, the unity of colors and forms - only in this case he will be able to develop a sense of taste. Indeed, one should not forget that man is also a natural creature, which means that the understanding of beauty and harmony in him cannot contradict natural canons.

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