What Is The Longest Ship In The World

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What Is The Longest Ship In The World
What Is The Longest Ship In The World
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A ship is a floating vehicle that is used as a means of transportation. In the world, the longest ships include cargo ships, mainly tankers and container ships. They transport large volumes of cargo: crude oil, palm oil, natural gas, etc. Also, passenger liners have gigantic dimensions.

Container ship Emma Mayersk
Container ship Emma Mayersk


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Until recently, the Knock Nevis tanker was considered the longest and largest ship in the world. Its length was 458 m and width - 69 m. The ship was built in 1979, and two years later it was launched. The tanker transported oil in its holds, they could fit about 4.1 million barrels of crude product. The ship's crew consisted of 40 employees. Not every port could accept Knock Nevis because of its size, because when fully loaded, it could not even pass the English Channel, Panama and Suez. Knock Nevis changed 4 hosts. In the 80s of the XX century, he moved along the route of the Middle East - USA. Carried Iranian oil. From 2004 to 2010, it was a stationary oil storage facility off the coast of Qatar. In 2010, the ship was scrapped and the hull was divided into metals. One of the cargo giant's anchors can be seen at the Maritime Museum in Hong Kong.

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Today, the longest operating vessel in the world, the container ship Emma Maersk, is sailing on the endless expanses of seas and oceans. The giant's length is 396 m, width - 63 m, height - 30 m. It has a displacement of up to 156 thousand metric tons and can carry 20-foot containers. The vessel was built in 2006 in Denmark. It belongs to the Danish company A.P. Moller-Maersk Group and is named after the late wife of Emma, ​​the owner of the company, Arnold Moeller. Emma Mayersk runs on the route Southeast Asia - Suez Canal - Western Europe - Baltic Sea. More than 314,000 km are covered per year. In 2011, the Danish Royal Mint issued a twenty kroner coin in honor of the ship.

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The longest passenger liner is the RMS Queen Mary 2. The length of the cruise ship is 345 m, height - 72 m, width - 41 m. The liner made its maiden voyage on January 12, 2004 under the command of Captain Ronald Warwick. It should be noted that the godmother of the ship is Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. Currently RMS Queen Mary 2 runs between the ports of Southampton, UK - New York, USA and is the only vessel on the transatlantic line.

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The liner has 1310 cabins of different classes, 4 swimming pools, a library, a helicopter platform, galleys, restaurants, a tennis court, and a planetarium. A ticket for crossing the Atlantic in regular cabins costs from € 1,500. In 2007, Queen Mary 2 circled the world with 500 passengers on board in 81 days. This event was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as a round-the-world trip of the longest and largest passenger liner.

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