How To Make Fuel Briquettes

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How To Make Fuel Briquettes
How To Make Fuel Briquettes
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Newspapers and magazines, catalogs and advertising brochures, packaging and containers - all these paper products are mostly provided to us free of charge. It would be a shame not to take the opportunity to use this for good.

How to make fuel briquettes
How to make fuel briquettes


  • - Car jack;
  • - Corrosion-proof sheet;
  • - Welding;
  • - Corners;
  • - Paper waste.


Step 1

It is believed that the efficiency of pressed paper briquettes is even higher than that of coal. They give more heat and burn almost without ash and soot. Compared to other fuels, it is a pleasure to store them - there is no dust or dirt.

To make briquettes from waste paper, weld a simple mold, which is a rectangular box with a removable lid and bottom. You can set the dimensions of this box yourself, based on your spatial capabilities and the estimated sizes of briquettes for your heating equipment.

The holes drilled in the bottom and lid of the box serve for water to escape during pressing. The side cuts in the walls are made for the same purpose. Their shape is specially made so that the finished briquettes are easier to remove from the box. In order for the box not to lose its strength, corners of 10x10 mm are welded to it from the outside.

Step 2

Weld 25x25 corners along the lower side walls from the inside, they will hold the bottom. Thin-walled parts, which can "lead", are best welded with an intermittent seam. It is better to cook the seams from the outside, so that nothing inside interferes with the extraction of finished briquettes and does not violate their integrity.

Shred the waste paper and place it in water for 10-12 hours. During this time, the paper is well saturated with moisture. Place the perforated bottom in the basket, spread the wet paper pulp on it. Close the box with a lid and use a jack to squeeze out the water.

Remove the jack and the cover, turn the box over and push the finished briquette out with your hands. The paper briquette dries in the open air in natural conditions for 5-7 days, after which it is completely ready for use and can perfectly heat a fireplace or stove. One brick burns for about two hours.

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