How To Run A Weekly Planner

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How To Run A Weekly Planner
How To Run A Weekly Planner

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The weekly is becoming an integral part of the life of not only businessmen, but also ordinary office workers, students and housewives. A person who wants to have a clear plan for every day and do not forget important events scheduled for a week or a month in advance should definitely have this small accessory.

How to maintain a weekly planner
How to maintain a weekly planner


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Step 1

Pick a weekly planner that's right for you. Today, stationery stores offer a huge assortment of various products of this kind: with blank or lined sheets, with or without dates indicated, with an addition in the form of an address and phone book and other applications (calendar, city maps, exchange rates and even mini-phrasebooks for different languages).

Step 2

Fill out the boxes on the first pages with your name, phone number and address in case you lose your weekly. Optionally, you can enter extended information about yourself, for example, the position and name of the company in which you work, and so on.

Step 3

Start keeping a diary, now you will have to refer to it every day so as not to forget about fulfilling your plans. Make a note of your to-do list, date and time. For example, tomorrow you have an appointment with a client, grocery shopping at home, football at your son's, and a call to a friend. All this must be entered on the weekly page corresponding to the date of the next day.

Step 4

Determine the order of things according to the degree of their importance and the time of completion. Arrange the numbers and under each number indicate the planned event. For example, a meeting with a client will be number one, since it will most likely take place in the morning. This will be followed by a section of the son, grocery shopping and a call to a friend.

Step 5

Indicate the time of important things. If something specific needs to be done at a specific hour, be sure to write it down. After all, numbers quickly fly out of your head, but your new friend - the weekly - will not let you forget anything now.

Step 6

Cross things off the list as you complete them. This will make it much more convenient to navigate your own notes. If you haven't done it, reschedule it to the next day. A case that has lost its relevance is also deleted.

Step 7

Analyze your weekly planner. By looking at the completed pages, you can understand how rationally you are spending your own time. Sometimes such an analysis makes it possible to understand your mistakes and increase the level of self-development.

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