How To Install A Road Sign

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How To Install A Road Sign
How To Install A Road Sign

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Road signs appeared at the same time as cars; these symbols help the driver and pedestrians navigate the situation on and around the road. How can a road sign be installed and who is doing it?

How to install a road sign
How to install a road sign


materials for the manufacture of the sign and approval for its installation with the district traffic police department


Step 1

Determine what type of sign will be installed. Road signs can be warning, prescriptive, informational and prohibitive. In order to determine what type of sign you need, conduct a traffic analysis in the proposed installation area. If you are at a loss in choosing the required sign, then contact the district traffic police department for help.

Step 2

Make a road sign. This can be done independently or by contacting specialized companies that provide services to the population and enterprises for the production of metal structures. The installation of the sign can also be entrusted to a company specializing in these services.

Step 3

Contact the traffic police department to obtain permission to install it.

Step 4

Install the road sign in accordance with generally accepted rules - at a given distance from the road and in a certain area of ​​visibility. It is important that during the installation and manufacture of the sign, the rules that regulate the material for production, determine the distance of the sign from the road, as well as its visibility zone are observed. The sign to be installed must be 1.5-3 meters high, located in the visibility zone of drivers and pedestrians on the side of the road. There is one more installation method. Submit your application on the traffic police website. In the application, you will describe the reasons why the sign should be installed in the place you specified. If the application is approved, it will be transferred to the road service and after a while a sign can be placed in the required area. The disadvantage of this method is that it takes a long time. In addition, citizens' petitions are not always approved.

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