How To Tie A Kamikaze Knot

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How To Tie A Kamikaze Knot
How To Tie A Kamikaze Knot

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Experienced hikers and mountaineers are often faced with a situation when, after descending from the mountain, there is no way to untie the rope fixed at the top. In order not to lose valuable inventory, the "Kamikaze" knot is used, which can be untied at any time convenient for you.

How to tie a kamikaze knot
How to tie a kamikaze knot


  • -rope;
  • -knife.


Step 1

"Kamikaze" is not a classic knot that is attached to a stable support. When working with it, you tie the rope to something in any convenient way (this is point "A"), then tie the "Kamikaze" a little lower (point "B") and go down (end - point "C"). After a successful descent, the rope will disengage at point "B", leaving the segment "AB" hanging on the support, and returning the "BS" to you.

Step 2

Spread the rope out on a flat surface. The knot "works" in both directions, and it does not matter from which end of the rope you use it - you can leave the "tail" on both the left and right.

Step 3

Give the rope a snake shape. Bend the rope in half and grab both ends 30-40 centimeters after bending. After that, grasp the fold with your free hand, bring it to the remnants of the cable (folding in half again) and fix it there. You will get a kind of snake: a double-bent rope forms three parallel lines and two folds along the edges (P1 and P2). Note that there are two loose tails left.

Step 4

Fold the left tail into a loop so that the piece of rope closest to the knot is on top. Slip the resulting loop (P3) onto P1.

Step 5

Do a similar action on the other edge: do not forget that the loop (A4) should start from the side of the knot, i.e. be on this side on top.

Step 6

Pull on the edges of the knot to tighten and secure the nested loops.

Step 7

Remember that before "activating" the knot, you must tighten it as much as possible and not loosen it until the end of use.

Step 8

Once you have given the Kamikaze a stable load (for example, fixed before descent), cut the center line of the knot (the one located between P1 and P2). As you can see, now the knot is held only due to the fact that P3 and P4 tightly tightened P1 and P2. Immediately after the end of the descent, the tension will loosen, the loops will disperse a little and the cut piece of rope will make itself felt - the structure will crumble.

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