How To Compose A Ditty

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How To Compose A Ditty
How To Compose A Ditty

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Clockwork and mischievous ditties were composed by the Russian people since ancient times. This genre of Russian folk art has not lost its relevance in modern times. So how do you compose a ditty so that it is sonorous and interesting?

How to compose a ditty
How to compose a ditty


Step 1

Think over the theme of your future ditties. Most often they are devoted to ridiculing someone or something, there may be ditties, flirting, inviting, etc. In essence, a ditty is a short short, capacious statement in poetic form, often caustic and funny.

Step 2

Choose the main character (or characters) of your ditties. It can be either an animated face (for example, the tractor driver Vasya) or an inanimate object (for example, a bowl of soup). “Eh, a plate of soup! It contains salty mushrooms. The soup came out one hundred percent! Who's visiting? Please!"

Step 3

Come up with the characteristics of your main character ditties. What is he? How do you want to show it in your piece? Which sides?

For example: “Our Vasya is an accordion player, very dexterous and broad-shouldered! I put it on my shoulders - I immediately lost my speech!"

Step 4

Choose rhymes for the main words of the ditty, try to make them funny. Sometimes it is useful to laugh kindly at yourself or your friends, at your problems and fears. In addition, ditties develop the speed of thinking and the sharpness of the mind.

Step 5

Try to compose ditties impromptu, do not torture them. It has long been the custom in Russia that a ditty is a talker, composed on the fly, it could be an endless half-joking dialogue even between barely familiar or completely unfamiliar people, allowing one to appreciate the mind and other qualities of the interlocutor.

Step 6

Do not try to use profanity in your ditties. Although some authors seek to express their feelings in a ditty in such words, such creations are not popular with everyone.

Step 7

Create your works without regard to any laws of the genre. Compliance with strict rules for size, rhyme and content of ditties is not established. Do not be afraid to show your inner emotions and experiences, do not hesitate to think outside the box.

Step 8

Perform your ditties without musical accompaniment, or with a balalaika - an instrument that has been used since ancient times for accompaniment to poetic witches.

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