How Honeysuckle Blooms

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How Honeysuckle Blooms
How Honeysuckle Blooms

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Honeysuckle is a shrub belonging to the honeysuckle family. There is common honeysuckle, Tatar, Caucasian, fragrant, blue, edible and decorative. There are about fifty species of edible honeysuckle alone. All types of honeysuckle bloom very beautifully.

Blooming honeysuckle honeysuckle
Blooming honeysuckle honeysuckle

Many varieties of honeysuckle are both decorative and medicinal. Beautifully flowering species are bred for landscaping gardens and parks. The edible honeysuckle blooms beautifully too. Honeysuckle flowers, depending on the variety, are colored yellow, white, pink. They have a delicate interesting aroma, and the berries ripen before strawberries, therefore, among gardeners, edible honeysuckle is valued and is a supplier of important vitamins.

Growing honeysuckle

Honeysuckle can grow in one place up to fifty years. She needs a solid support - a trellis or an arch, and it is better to plant honeysuckle near the gazebo. It does not grow very much in height and can only grow from two to five meters.

The best location for honeysuckle is sun or partial shade. Ornamental varieties of honeysuckle are appreciated for their very fragrant flowers of an extraordinary appearance and a wonderful floral aroma. After the flowers on the decorative honeysuckle, orange-red berries ripen, decorating the plant in late summer and autumn. They are not edible, but they are great garden decoration and bird food. Honeysuckle can be propagated by cuttings or layering.

Flowering honeysuckle

Honeysuckle begins to bloom 3-4 years after planting. The flowers of this shrub are collected in tricolor shields, which are folded in pairs in the corners of the leaves or in the heads at the ends of the shoots (depending on the variety). Different varieties of honeysuckle bloom at different times - from June to September. Most species also have decorative fruits. They come in a variety of colors, from bright orange to crimson to blue-violet.

The most popular, frost-resistant, fragrant and beautifully blooming liana in ornamental gardening is honeysuckle honeysuckle. It is she who blooms most beautifully.

Decorative application

Honeysuckle is one of the most valuable plants in horticulture. Its versatility is amazing. Edible fruits are eaten and used in folk medicine. Decorative types are widely used in the garden, they are great for decorating walls, gates, pergolas. Plants planted along the fences create a decorative camouflage and protect the site from wind and dust, being a kind of hedge.

Some species (Japanese honeysuckle) are used as ground cover plants. Honeysuckle with fragrant flowers, such as honeysuckle honeysuckle and Hecrotta's honeysuckle, are planted near garden gates, entrances, windows. They are not only an excellent and durable decoration, but also a powerful natural "deodorant" for the garden.

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