When Acacia Blooms

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When Acacia Blooms
When Acacia Blooms

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Acacia is a plant of the legume family that is found in various countries, including Russia. Moreover, despite all its diversity, most of the acacia species are characterized by a similar flowering period.

When acacia blooms
When acacia blooms

Acacia species

Acacia is a numerous genus of plants to which more than 800 species belong. In addition, two other species are often referred to it - yellow acacia (caragana) and white acacia (robinia), which actually belong to a different genus. At the same time, however, both these species and real acacias belong to the legume family, and, in addition, are united by other characteristics, for example, flowering characteristics.

Due to the variety of species belonging to the category of acacias, there are a huge number of variants of flowers of such a plant in the world. They are single or connected in various types of inflorescences in the form of brushes, panicles or other structures. In this case, flowers or inflorescences can be located on different parts of the tree: at the ends of branches, in leaf rosettes or other parts.

Blooming acacia in Russia

The most common in Russia are two types of acacia. The first of them is the white acacia, the flowers of which, having the corresponding color, are usually collected in large clusters, which, under their weight, tilt downward. As a rule, during the flowering period, a very large number of flowers are formed on the tree, thanks to which the bush appears more white than green. In this regard, white acacia is very popular as an ornamental culture used to decorate parks and squares. However, this type of plant is characterized by thermophilicity, therefore, it can be found mainly in the southern regions of the country.

White acacia usually blooms in late May or early June, however, as proved by botanical researchers, the exact timing of the beginning of the flowering period depends on the weather conditions during the previous period of the year: the warmer the spring, the earlier the flowering will begin. As a rule, the duration of flowering is 2 to 3 weeks, after which the flowers fall off, and in their place fruits in the form of pods begin to form, which ripen in October.

The yellow acacia has flowers painted in the corresponding color, which are usually collected in inflorescences of 2-5 units. Each flower resembles a butterfly in shape, and they appear on the trees at the same time as the white acacia - in late May or early June. Typically, the flowering period of a plant is about two weeks, but in cooler climates it can take up to three weeks.

Both of these species of acacia, as well as plants belonging to the true genus of acacia, under normal climatic conditions usually begin to bloom in the second year of life. Moreover, for the majority of plants of this genus, regardless of the growing region, this flowering period is characteristic - at the end of May or at the beginning of June.

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