How A Banana Blooms

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How A Banana Blooms
How A Banana Blooms

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A perennial herb - banana (Mua) - belongs to the banana family (Musaceae) and has a large number of species and hybrids. This amazing exotic is one of the tallest herbs in the world.

Banana flower - huge, bright, fragrant
Banana flower - huge, bright, fragrant

A powerful plant, the height of which can reach 9-12 m, is associated with a tree by many. However, the banana has nothing to do with trees. In addition, its aboveground part, despite the impressive height and huge size of the leaves, dies off after the end of fruiting, and new, replacing shoots grow nearby.

Banana Blossom

Banana is considered a very ancient plant, mentions of it are found in the monuments of Indian culture of the 11th century BC. In recent years, banana has become quite a popular exotic among us. We are used to its fruits, but not everyone is able to see the banana flower. If you happen to be in tropical countries, you should wait for the stunningly beautiful, sometimes quite long, flowering of this tropical beauty.

Resident of the tropics in the apartment

And you can grow an adapted variety, for example, a velvet pink banana, in an apartment or in a country house. Despite its tropical origin, the velvet banana thrives on our short summer. It can be grown both in the garden and at home in a large container. In any case, after flowering, the stem of the plant dies, and instead new root shoots appear.

As a resident of the tropics, the banana will be most comfortable in conditions of good lighting, high humidity, abundant watering and sufficient fresh air. When grown in an apartment, the plant is placed next to the east, south and southeast windows. If placed differently, additional lighting will be needed for good growth, flowering and fruiting. If it is possible to plant a plant in the garden, a well-ventilated, warm and sunny place with light shading is chosen for it.

Conditions for flowering

A properly formulated soil mixture is an important condition for good plant growth and development. For a banana, you need a soil that allows air and water to pass through well and at the same time retains moisture. Therefore, the mixture must be loose and nutritious. It is prepared from leaf or turf soil, wood ash, river sand and humus (6: 1: 2: 1). The mixture is spilled for disinfection with a hot pink solution of potassium permanganate. At the bottom of the pot, a drainage layer up to 10 cm is required, then 2-3 cm of wet sand and then the soil. Therefore, the pots for planting banana must be chosen deep enough.

Banana can be safely attributed to fast-growing crops. With the beginning of the growing season, the plant is able to grow on average one leaf every 7-8 days, and with the beginning of flowering, a small flower bud within a week can turn into a huge bright flower with a delicate aroma.

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