Bruno's Spiral: Destiny

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Bruno's Spiral: Destiny
Bruno's Spiral: Destiny

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The Bruno spiral is a universal tool for fencing protected objects today, as well as a hundred years ago. This device is a cylindrically wrapped spiral from 70 to 130 centimeters in diameter and stretched to a distance of 25 meters.

Bruno's spiral: destiny
Bruno's spiral: destiny

A protective device, a Bruno spiral, a retinue is made of barbed wire or ordinary wire, is attached to supports. In our time, such structures can be seen over the fences of prisons, military facilities, factories, warehouses, etc. Although initially the range of application of the Bruno spiral was much wider.


This simple invention is quite old - it was first used during the First World War. The Bruno spiral was made by ordinary soldiers in advance in their free time from hostilities. They used ready-made wire coils, building up barriers with them in the areas of the breakthrough, and were also used to fence destroyed buildings in order to protect them from complete theft.

Initially, wire spirals were erected in one or two tiers high, and two, or even three rows wide. The spirals themselves were fastened together with the same wire and fastened to the ground with stakes. The obstacle installed in this way was a cylinder 90 centimeters high and up to 10 meters long.

The spirals were made by hand in the field. The templates were wooden stakes driven into the ground and having a diameter of about 1 meter 20 centimeters. On these stakes, 50 turns of barbed wire were wound at a distance of 3 centimeters between the turns. For the manufacture of 100 meters of such a barrier with a complete compartment, it was necessary to spend on average about 6 hours, for its installation - up to an hour.

There is another trick to using a wire spiral during hostilities. When overcoming such an obstacle, the infantryman must stand at full height. And this is an open target, and besides, the spiral turns do not interfere with the visibility of the target.


The main feature of this perfect protective bond is increased strength. It is achieved due to the fact that the turns of the barbed wire are connected with a special fastener, which helps to maintain the integrity of the entire structure, even with multiple damage to it. To get rid of this protection, an attacker will have to work hard and spend a lot of time. Indeed, in order to destroy one loop, you will have to bite it in 5-7 places along the entire length of the loop.

The modern Bruno spiral is more perfect than its predecessors. Currently, barbed safety fences are manufactured using reinforced barbed tape. The new Bruno spiral in its protective properties significantly surpasses fences made of single and double-base barbed wire.

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