What A Gem Is Zirconium

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What A Gem Is Zirconium
What A Gem Is Zirconium
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Zirconium is a transparent stone with a varied and extraordinary color scheme, as well as a bright brilliance reminiscent of a diamond. It has a completely natural origin, although some connoisseurs of stones believe that zirconium was created artificially or synthetically.

What a gem is zirconium
What a gem is zirconium


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This gemstone can be colored brown, yellow, red or orange. Some colorless and yellowish zirconiums that have undergone heat treatment become bright turquoise - these stones are called starlites. The most beautiful zirconia are considered to be grassy green, bluish green, deep red and golden yellow. Completely transparent zirconia stones are very rare in nature and are highly prized.

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To obtain transparent zirconium, jewelers heat-treat brown or yellow stones. Zirconium in popular golden and blue shades is also obtained using this method. Colorless stones are used for inlay jewelry, cutting them like diamonds, while colored zirconium is cut in a mixed way. The uniqueness of zirconium lies in the fact that it has the widest range of light refraction and density values. Precious zirconium stones suitable for use in jewelry are mined mainly in Ceylon.

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The owner of jewelry with zirconium receives from him constant energy supply, success in creative and commercial affairs, acquires constancy of feelings and wisdom. In terms of health, zirconium protects against infections and injuries, heals from purulent wounds, fatigue, bleeding and severe nervous disorders, as well as improves vision and protects from blindness. In addition, it normalizes the functioning of the pituitary gland, thyroid gland and liver, restores intestinal motility and treats constipation.

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Zirconium is recommended for unbalanced people - it allows you to achieve emotional balance, get rid of insomnia and nightmares. Indian yogis consider this stone to be a powerful concentrator of energy, which develops the mental and intuitive abilities of a person, as well as increases self-esteem and allows you to see signs warning of trouble. In the Middle Ages, red zirconium stones served as a protective amulet for merchants, artists and travelers, while at the same time symbolizing wisdom.

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