How Lenin's Mausoleum Works

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How Lenin's Mausoleum Works
How Lenin's Mausoleum Works
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The mausoleum of Lenin, the leader of the world proletariat, is the main second attraction in Moscow (after the Kremlin). It is located on Red Square, where tourists constantly flock to see the embalmed Ilyich with their own eyes. However, getting into the mausoleum is not so easy - you need to know the visiting hours and the specifics of its work.

How Lenin's Mausoleum works
How Lenin's Mausoleum works

History of the mausoleum

The mausoleum stands under the Senate Tower at the southern wall of the Kremlin, where it was first built in 1930. The first temporary tomb was erected six days after the death of Vladimir Ilyich - on January 27, 1924. Initially, the building was completely made of wood, in connection with which it was constantly rebuilt - the tree either burned or deteriorated from bad weather. As a result, a council of architects was assembled, at which it was decided to change the basis of the structure.

Many consider Lenin's mausoleum a sacred place, and psychics claim that the restless ghost of the leader still wanders around Moscow.

In August of the same year, the tender for the construction of a new, improved mausoleum was won by the architect Shchusev, under whose leadership the construction of a permanent structure began, in which the leader's mummy rested. Six years later, the same architect was instructed to build a mausoleum of stone for Lenin, which Russians and guests of the capital can observe to this day. It is always gloomy and cool in the room with the leader - in order to preserve the body, certain conditions must be constantly observed.

The work of the mausoleum

If you decide to visit the mausoleum, you should not look for tickets to it - the entrance to the attraction is completely free. However, there are cases when scammers tried to sell tickets near the mausoleum to visiting tourists. The mausoleum does not work for a long time - on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday it is available only from 10.00 to 13.00 (opening hours may vary on holidays). Three hours of work and a large number of people who want to see the historical figure with their own eyes turn people into a huge queue that stretches to Red Square from the Alexander Garden itself.

You can get to the mausoleum only after passing the checkpoint at the Nikolskaya Tower, where tourists are checked with a metal detector.

People are allowed inside the building in groups of up to twenty people who have previously handed over all video cameras, cameras and even mobile phones equipped with the photo and video function. The equipment is placed in a paid storage room at the Historical Museum - however, as well as backpacks, bags, bags, bottles of liquid and large metal objects. In the mausoleum, men must take off their hats; it is also forbidden to speak loudly in the building. It is forbidden to stand near the body of the leader - people make a semicircle around the sarcophagus with the body of Vladimir Ilyich and leave the room.

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