How To Steam A Broom Correctly To Get Pleasure From The Bath

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How To Steam A Broom Correctly To Get Pleasure From The Bath
How To Steam A Broom Correctly To Get Pleasure From The Bath

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Bath brooms are of linden, oak, birch. Sometimes larch or juniper branches are added to them. The healing effect is most noticeable when various herbs are used in brooms. The effect of its use depends on what kind of plants are added to the bath broom. It can be both invigorating and soothing. To get the maximum pleasure and benefit from the bath, you should know how to steam the brooms correctly.

How to steam a broom properly
How to steam a broom properly

How to steam fresh brooms

Twigs of coniferous trees are often used in fresh brooms. They give a unique aroma and give the broom a massage effect. Brooms with coniferous branches should be steamed in a special way. It is enough to soak a fresh broom in warm water for several minutes. With an increase in the steaming time, the beneficial properties of the leaves pass into water, and the broom itself loses its aroma.

Needle brooms should be used only fresh. 20 minutes in boiling water under a lid is enough for the needles to become soft. You can use coniferous brooms several times.

Steaming dry bath brooms

Proper steaming of dry brooms means rinsing them in cold water. Then the brooms are immersed in warm water for 15 minutes, covered with a basin on top. If you keep the broom in water for more than half an hour, then the leaves will swell beyond the norm, because of which they will become heavy and may soon crumble.

The same effect is observed from the fact that the dried broom is brewed with boiling water. Few people know how to brew a broom if it is very dry. In order to bring it back to normal, you need to lower the broom for half a minute in a bowl of hot water, and then put it on hot stones for a while. The steam will help steam dry the leaves quickly.

If the broom has not acquired the necessary properties, then the procedure must be repeated. This method has one more positive property, it produces healing steam. The main thing is to make sure that no leaves from the broom are left on the stones, otherwise an unpleasant smell will appear in the steam room.

If there is still half a day left before taking bath procedures, then you can immerse the dry broom in cold water for half an hour, and then keep it wrapped in a wet cloth until the bath itself. This method of steaming a broom has many advantages. The leaves become unusually fragrant and hold better, and the twigs acquire the necessary flexibility and elasticity.

The contrast steaming method is also very good. For its implementation, a broom is poured with cold water, and then hot. This procedure is repeated two to three times. The broom is shaken and packed in a plastic bag. This method is used to steam any deciduous brooms: birch, alder, cherry, ash, currant and others. Leaf brooms are suitable for use a maximum of two times, since all the beneficial substances leave the leaves, and they lose their aroma and healing properties.

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