How To Kill The Smell Of Onions

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How To Kill The Smell Of Onions
How To Kill The Smell Of Onions

Video: How To Kill The Smell Of Onions

Video: How To Kill The Smell Of Onions
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Onions have been known to mankind for about fifty centuries. He is the most important vegetable crop. But cooking isn't the only area of use for onions. Traditional medicines are prepared from it (onions have an anthelmintic and bactericidal effect), are widely used in hair and facial skin care (onion and honey masks reduce wrinkles, onion juice discolors freckles). And everyone would be beautiful onions, but here is its smell …

How to kill the smell of onions
How to kill the smell of onions


  • - greens (parsley, celery, tarragon, mint and the like);
  • - nuts: almonds, codry, walnuts;
  • - roasted coffee beans;
  • - anise;
  • - lemon;
  • - vegetable or butter;
  • - citrus essential oil;
  • - eggs;
  • - honey;
  • - colorless henna;
  • - vinegar;
  • - salt;
  • - raw carrots or potatoes.


Step 1

From the mouth Herring with onions in vegetable oil, salad of fresh vegetables with onions, shish kebab with pickled (but how can we do without it?) Onions and tkemali. And, as a result, a magnificent amber from the mouth. Yes, such that it’s scary to talk on the phone, and not that to go out to people. What to do The universal advice for getting rid of the "something wrong" smell from the mouth is to chew what will kill the unpleasant "fragrance". For example, parsley, celery, mint, anise, tarragon. Eating a few pine nuts, almonds, or walnuts is a good way to remove onion odor from your mouth. Another method you can use to overcome the smell of onions or garlic is by chewing lemon peel or coffee beans. Folk recipes recommend using oil to get rid of bad breath. Vegetable or creamy will do. You should try to drink or eat a small amount. Of course, there are more modern means of getting rid of the onion "fragrance". These include chewing gum and hard candy. But do not forget that candies contain a huge amount of sugar, dyes, flavors, and chewing gum is full of carcinogenic substances.

Step 2

From hair Many people know that onion masks are an excellent tool for maintaining hair in excellent condition, as well as treating them. Even professional hair care products cannot be compared to the effect of a regular onion gruel mask. The only thing that tube masks are better than garden masks is aroma. However, it is not necessary to give up beauty because of the smell. After the onion mask, folk recipes recommend making a mask of colorless henna, holding the time indicated in the instructions, and then rinsing your hair with warm water with your favorite essential oil (5-10 drops per liter of water). A honey mask will also help rid your hair of the onion scent. The mask not only removes the smell, but also perfectly cares for the hair. Ingredients: 2 egg yolks, honey, citrus essential oil (lemon, orange, bergamot, etc.). Apply the mask to the hair lengthwise, leave for two hours (you can put on a shower cap and warm your head with a towel). After 120 minutes, rinse your hair with warm water. Another remedy for onion odors in your hair is vinegar. All you need to do is to dilute 2 tablespoons of vinegar (not essence!) In 1 liter of water and, after the onion mask has been washed off, rinse your hair.

Step 3

From kitchen utensils Cookware can also absorb onion odors. To "expel" the smell of onions from the pan, you need to pour 2 tablespoons of vinegar into it - any, put on the fire and boil for a couple of minutes. Then wash with normal detergent. This way you will kill two birds with one stone - remove the onion smell from the pan and the characteristic "kitchen" smell from the room. Onion amber can be removed from metal appliances (knives, forks, spoons) by wiping them with salt. This method is also suitable for eliminating onion odors from cutting boards. Juice from raw carrots and potatoes is also good at fighting off onion odors. It is enough to cut a carrot or potato with a knife - the smell will disappear.

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