How To Water Eggplant

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How To Water Eggplant
How To Water Eggplant
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Eggplants belong to the nightshade family and bear the fruits for which they are grown. The plant is quite whimsical, grows wild in very warm and humid regions of Southeast Asia. In Russia, it is grown mainly in the southern territories, as it loves special climatic conditions.

How to water eggplant
How to water eggplant


Step 1

Eggplant needs abundant watering, but the air humidity should be no more than 70%, otherwise the plant may start to overheat. Therefore, to grow these vegetables, prepare a greenhouse that can be easily ventilated in order to maintain the required moisture level.

Step 2

Eggplant has a weak root system, therefore it absorbs nutrients and water almost exclusively from the surface layer of the soil, the depth of which is about 20-30 cm. This is especially typical for young plants. At the same time, an excess of water during cool weather is detrimental to eggplants - their flowers, ovaries and buds fall off under such conditions. In dry weather, the same thing happens from a lack of moisture. If the eggplants are given too much water or, on the contrary, not watered enough, they stop growing.

Step 3

It is best to water the eggplants not at the root, but along the grooves that are located along the beds. So the plants will begin to absorb water at a certain depth, and the ground under them will remain fairly dry. A not too high level of humidity is provided, which is extremely important for the development of eggplants.

Step 4

After watering the plants, when the soil is somewhat dry, it needs to be loosened. It is advisable to do this after each watering of the plants. So a dry crust does not form on the ground, and air can freely flow to the root system. If the roots lack oxygen, the nutrition of the plant is disrupted - this negatively affects the eggplants. Because of this, they hardly grow, the yield is very small.

Step 5

From time to time, do not forget to feed the plants with liquid fertilizers - they need nitrogen and phosphorus mixtures.

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