What Color Absorbs All Colors

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What Color Absorbs All Colors
What Color Absorbs All Colors

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Which of the colors that the eye can see is the strongest from a physical and psychological point of view? Without a doubt, black, because he is not only able to absorb the rest, but is also the most mystical and mysterious among others.

What color absorbs all colors
What color absorbs all colors

Physics of color

The very fact of the existence of black is explained by the electromagnetic theory of dispersion, formulated at the end of the nineteenth century. According to this theory, the color of certain objects directly depends on the ratio of the vibration frequency of the object's molecules and the light wave falling on its surface. If the frequencies coincide, a sharp increase in the amplitude of the oscillations is observed, the energy is absorbed. So, for example, a red sheet of paper or any other opaque object has such a color entirely due to the fact that only one light was among the reflected, while the rest were successfully absorbed and coincided with the resonant frequencies of electron oscillations.

Absorbing almost all the light incident on it, the visible part of the spectrum, black reflects a very small fraction of the energy and goes into the so-called heating.

"Absolutely black" body in physics is called a body that is capable of absorbing all incident radiation. If the object reflects all the radiation falling on it, the human eye will perceive it as white. In life, the blackest substance that can absorb about 99 percent of the incident light is ordinary soot.

The well-known black hole, for example, is subject to super-strong attraction, into which both objects and photons of light fall.

The mysticism of color

It is no wonder that since ancient times black was considered a symbol of mourning, destruction, death, chaos. But not everything is as scary as it might seem at first, because black at the same time carries a certain mysticism, mystery, aristocracy, attractiveness.

It is believed that from a psychological point of view, black is both a symbol of sadness, grief and loneliness, and carries in itself a kind of anarchism, struggle, disobedience to fate.

If we consider black from the side of its application to our everyday life, it must be remembered that, due to its physical characteristics, black reduces interior spaces. That is why it is not recommended to use it for rooms with a small area and ceiling colors, but at the same time it is widely used in the fashion industry, because every lady knows that a black dress or skirt can brighten up the flaws of the figure and make it more slender and attractive. Black items heat up quickly, this must be remembered when choosing a shade of a future car or a wardrobe for the coming summer.

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