The Meaning Of Kisses

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The Meaning Of Kisses
The Meaning Of Kisses
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Kissing is a very pleasant experience, during which you can forget about everything in the world. And if you are kissed by a loved one, there is nothing to talk about. Scientists have proven that, among other things, kissing is also beneficial. There is a science that studies the effect of kissing on a person - philematology.

The meaning of kisses
The meaning of kisses

Kissing facts

When did the kiss appear? There is no exact answer to this question. Historians have the opinion that people began to kiss before our era, but why the custom of touching each other with their lips appeared, no one knows.

There is a legend that during a kiss, the souls of lovers unite. That is why the marriage procedure always ends with the merging of the lips of the bride and groom.

Some researchers believe that the reason for kissing lies in the smell. They have been compared to the way animals sniff each other during a meeting. But, most likely, this is a delusion. After all, not only people who have recently struck up a love relationship kiss, but also couples who have been living together for quite a long time.

There is also another point of view. Following her, it is generally accepted that kissing is an instinct that begins from infancy. The mother very often kisses her baby in impulses of tenderness. And he, in turn, feeding on breast milk, understands that you can enjoy with the lips. And, having matured, he tries to reproduce the forgotten sensation with the help of a kiss.

Kissing is extremely beneficial for the body. They increase the heartbeat and, as a result, improve metabolism and blood circulation. Also, people who kiss often are less likely to suffer from tooth decay. During the kiss, a large amount of saliva is released, which cleans the teeth very well.

Kissing is a panacea for depression and stress. In the process of this "pleasantness", enzymes are produced that prevent the production of the stress hormone, and endorphin, the hormone of happiness, is released into the blood.

What do kisses mean?

A quick kiss on the lips most often happens on the first date. He shows that the man is interested in you and wants to build a serious love relationship with you.

A romantic kiss is gentle and flowing, but at the same time has a small share of passion. It is appropriate both on the first date and for couples who have been together for quite a long time. In the first case, it means interest, in the second, an expression of deep affection.

In a French kiss, not only the lips are involved, but also the tongue. It means readiness to move to a new level of relationships and passion, is considered the most erotic and leading to intimacy.

The kiss in the eye is often referred to as the "kiss of an angel." He is extremely gentle and sweet, and indicates a strong emotional connection between partners.

A kiss on the forehead usually expresses friendly feelings. For couples in close relationships, it is a symbol of concern and care.

A kiss on the ear is very intimate and belongs to the category of passionate. It means that the man is ready for the next stage of the relationship.

A kiss on the neck is typical for couples who are very close. It defines physical and spiritual closeness and confidence in the stability of a relationship.

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