Why Does Hair Curl

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Why Does Hair Curl
Why Does Hair Curl
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The structure, as well as the color of the hair, is different for representatives of different races - for example, blacks have dark and curly hair, while representatives of the white race can be different - straight, curly, or just slightly wavy. In life, as a rule, owners of straight hair strive to make them curly by any means, and owners of curly hair want to straighten their hair.

Why does hair curl
Why does hair curl


  • - Curlers;
  • - curling iron;
  • - curly hair care products.


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First, the color, thickness and curliness of hair is inherited by humans. If your ancestors had curly hair, then you have the opportunity to have the same hair. The hair structure starts in the womb. However, babies are most often born with straight hair. Their waviness, as well as color, can change over time.

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Secondly, straight and curly hair has a different structure. When examining the structure, the scientists examined a section of hair under a microscope. As a result, it was revealed that the cross-section can be of various shapes - from perfectly round to elliptical, and even semi-elliptical. The sectional shape of the hair directly depends on the shape of the hair follicle. For straight hair, the cut is round, for wavy hair, it is oval, flattened, for strongly curly hair, it is elliptical.

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Thirdly, hair sometimes begins to curl after hormonal changes in the body. This usually occurs in adolescents during puberty, in women during or after pregnancy, etc.

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