How To Fertilize Your Lawn

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How To Fertilize Your Lawn
How To Fertilize Your Lawn

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A beautiful manicured lawn is the pride of any owner of a country house. In order for the lawn grass to be strong and have a bright saturated color, it is necessary to feed the lawn with the help of mineral fertilizers. How to do it right?

How to fertilize your lawn
How to fertilize your lawn


  • - fertilizer;
  • - water;
  • - latex gloves;
  • - watering can;
  • - hose;
  • - seeder.


Step 1

Before starting the fertilization process, be sure to read the instructions on the package. Too much fertilizer can cause irreparable damage to the lawn due to strong chemicals. If the plants have received a chemical burn, it is necessary to water the lawn with plenty of water. This procedure should be repeated several times a day.

Step 2

Apply in dry weather, but before it rains. If it doesn't rain, water your lawn abundantly after fertilizing it.

Step 3

Do not use complex fertilizers for feeding a young lawn. The seeded lawn should be fed for the first time 12 months after sowing, and the rolled lawn should be fed a little earlier - 6 months after it was laid. Apply fertilizer by distributing it evenly over the entire lawn area.

Step 4

If you are using granular fertilizers and applying them by hand, be sure to wear rubberized gloves and wash your hands thoroughly after work to avoid burns or severe skin irritation. Apply fertilizer by spreading it first along the lawn and then across. Then pour water on the lawn.

Step 5

To obtain a liquid fertilizer, dissolve it in water, observing the proportions indicated on the package. Use a watering can or special containers with a hose. After this fertilization, do not water the lawn for 24 hours. Liquid fertilizer works much faster than dry fertilizer, and the likelihood of plant burns is significantly reduced.

Step 6

If you want to achieve a high degree of uniformity in the distribution of the fertilizer, use a special wheeled seeder. It is moved around the lawn, trying not to drive over the same place. After the mechanical dressing has been carried out, it is necessary to water the lawn with water.

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