How To Get Revenge On A Neighbor For Noise

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How To Get Revenge On A Neighbor For Noise
How To Get Revenge On A Neighbor For Noise

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If unbearable neighbors pester you and in the middle of the night you wake up in a cold sweat from loud music, and requests and persuasions for a quiet neighborhood fly past the ears of your confined roommates, then the time has come to fight them with other methods.

How to get revenge on a neighbor for noise
How to get revenge on a neighbor for noise


Step 1

There are several ways to let your neighbors know that you are unhappy with their behavior. First, the wedge is knocked out by the wedge. When the night music pesters you and the banging on the battery only amplifies the bass behind the wall, that is, the option to find a time when your neighbors should rest, and at this time turn on the heavy artillery from your side even louder. Let them feel in your shoes.

Step 2

There is a good way for cat haters. At the pharmacy, buy liquid valerian and pour it on the door to your neighbors, you can use a spray bottle so that it is not so noticeable, and a cat's concert is guaranteed.

Step 3

It is easy to leave pests without internet or cable TV by cutting out pieces of wires. The main thing is to make sure that you are not caught hot. All you need is a pair of pliers or a utility knife.

Step 4

You can call a taxi to the address of your neighbors, but so that your number is not recorded. Let them pay for the false challenge and rack their brains.

Step 5

If you are pestered by the loud dog of neighbors, then you can purchase a special whistle that only animals hear and arrange a roll call, let the roommates behind the wall get nervous from the inappropriate behavior of their four-legged pet.

Step 6

Another way for the strong in spirit - if you have any musical instrument, then in the morning you can start practicing on it, hard and loud, or out of tune and for a long time.

Step 7

For an unpleasant smell under the door, you will need a dead egg, it can be poured under the frame or upholstery of the door, and the terrible scent will smell at the door of pests for a long time, even after a general cleaning.

Step 8

A spicy option for high-profile family neighbors. Print and post an ad about intimate meetings on their territory, be sure to indicate the address, let them accept unexpected guests.

Step 9

You can paint with paint on the door or near it a declaration of love to your neighbor - let him make excuses to his wife for something that did not exist.

Step 10

All methods of revenge are good within acceptable limits, but don't overstep the line. Better to live peacefully with your neighbors. In case of an unforeseen situation, the first thing you do is contact them for help. So it's better to take care of your clear conscience and come to visit your neighbors with a truce and cake.

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