Where Is Oxford Cloth Used

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Where Is Oxford Cloth Used
Where Is Oxford Cloth Used

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Oxford fabric is widely used. Shoes, bags, equipment for hunting and fishing, etc. are sewn from it. This durable, waterproof material is resistant to abrasion and temperature extremes.

oxford cloth
oxford cloth

Oxford fabric was developed back in the 19th century by industrial inventors from Scotland. Since then, it has changed in some way, although the type of weave in which the weft thread exceeds the thickness of the warp has remained unchanged. Such material with the addition of artificial fibers perfectly retains its shape. Differs in lightness, strength and significant water-repellent properties. Where is it used?

Oxford fabric types

This lightweight fabric made of synthetic fibers (polyester or nylon) has a specific structure with a special coating. The coating is made from the inside and can be polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU). It is this treatment that makes the fabric waterproof and prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt between the fibers. The material is resistant to abrasion and temperature extremes.

Nylon Oxford is a durable and flexible fabric that resists abrasion and chemicals. But at the same time, such material is highly electrified and wears out quickly under the influence of ultraviolet radiation and heat. Polyester Oxford is used in furniture making. It is slightly inferior to oxford made of nylon in strength and chemical resistance, but it surpasses in terms of light and heat resistance.

Application area

Oxford fabric has different thread thicknesses. This indicator is indicated in DEN (D). It is the density of the fabric that determines the area of ​​its application. The higher D, that is, the thicker the thread, the heavier the fabric. Its density varies from 150 to 1000 g / m². Oxford 210 den is used for the production of outerwear, trousers and jackets, tents, bags, fishing and hunting equipment, etc. This material is used to sew camouflage clothing for employees of security organizations and departmental units.

The color of the fabric can be very diverse. In addition to the traditional monochromatic colors, you can also purchase camouflage patterns. Many factories meet the needs of consumers and provide an opportunity to choose and order a pattern yourself. This is especially true when sewing uniforms. In addition, when making equipment for large corporations and firms, requirements for uniformity of style may be put forward.

Oxford 600 den is used for sewing backpacks, bags, suitcases, covers for snowmobiles, motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, jet skis and other equipment. Shoes are also sewn from such a dense fabric. It is recommended to wash Oxford garments at 40 ° C. The rinsing and spinning modes are standard. Dry cleaning and drying in a drum at a low temperature is possible. It is impossible to bleach the fabric, but it is customary to iron at a maximum temperature of 110 ° C.

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