How To Become A Deputy Of The City Duma

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How To Become A Deputy Of The City Duma
How To Become A Deputy Of The City Duma

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A deputy is a prestigious, highly paid and useful job for society. It assumes not only a high salary, but also a good pension, various privileges, the ability to change something in your city and influence the fate of people, to become a famous person in the city.

Meeting of the City Council
Meeting of the City Council


Step 1

To begin with, make sure that the path to parliament is legally open for you. You must be at least 21 years old, you must be fully capable, be a citizen of the Russian Federation and not be in prison. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the regional laws on the type of electoral system adopted in your constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

Step 2

If you are going to go to the polls in the order of self-nomination, gather an initiative group that can nominate you. If you are going to become a member of the party list, join the party. As a rule, there is no legislative qualification for joining a party. However, joining United Russia is still quite difficult. As a rule, successful entrepreneurs, athletes, actors, media figures and simply very popular people who can bring victory to the party become deputies from United Russia.

Step 3

Think over your electoral program, strategy and tactics of the electoral campaign, methods of campaigning. It is very beneficial for self-nominated candidates to hire a team of political technologists who can lead you to victory. All parties have had such professionals in the service for a long time. As a rule, in small towns and villages this is not required. There people are guided by personal acquaintance with the candidate or what they know about him.

Step 4

For a deputy, the following qualities are vital: a quick and accurate mind, excellent communication skills, a strict appearance and impeccable manners. Connections are also extremely important. You must become "your own" in the business and political circles of your city, constantly be in the spotlight, make new profitable acquaintances. You should be appreciated as a responsible person who can be entrusted with an important and costly business.

Step 5

Politics is a costly business, and you can't become a deputy without money. Therefore, stock up on capital before starting the election campaign. The amount of costs varies greatly from the political situation, from the region, from the popularity of you or your party, and from various contingencies. Agree with sponsors and banks. It is difficult and ineffective to advertise and promote yourself without sufficient capital.

Step 6

Try to start your political career as a deputy assistant. To do this, you need to be a citizen of the Russian Federation. Deputies appoint their own assistants, so recommend yourself to them as a very useful person. In this position, you will make the right acquaintances with the right people, raise your reputation and gain political experience.

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