Is It Possible To Make Money On Breeding Grape Snails

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Is It Possible To Make Money On Breeding Grape Snails
Is It Possible To Make Money On Breeding Grape Snails
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Snail meat is a delicacy traditionally prized in Western Europe, especially in France and Italy. Recently, snails cooked with an oil-garlic sauce can be purchased in large supermarkets in Russia. They began to be in demand among Russians who value exotic cuisine. And since there is demand, you can think about supply.

Is it possible to make money on breeding grape snails
Is it possible to make money on breeding grape snails

Useful properties of grape snail meat

The meat of grape snails is a valuable, tasty and very nutritious product. It contains up to 10% protein, 5% carbohydrates and almost 30% fat. In addition, it is a source of vitamins, including B12 and B6, as well as trace elements iron, magnesium, calcium. Extract from snail meat is used by the medical industry as a raw material for the production of many drugs, including various bronchorelaxants and those that help restore metabolism. This extract is part of both anti-aging complexes and those that help restore potency in men.

Snail meat cooked in a special way is considered a delicacy. This dish is especially useful for those who have problems with the osteo-cartilaginous system, need to eat it when recovering, as well as for pregnant women and the elderly. Of course, snails will hardly be in great demand in Russia, but dishes made from them will always be able to find their admirers, and they are always in demand in European restaurants. In addition, after the invention of a special method of salting, snail eggs, which even received the name "white caviar", also belong to delicacies. Gourmets especially appreciate this caviar for its unique truffle flavor.

Breeding grape snails as a business idea

It must be said that as an idea for a business it is not a new one - the residents of the southern outskirts of Russia have been supplying grape snails to France and Italy since the century before last. For those who live in these regions today, it will not be difficult to organize a snail farm on a small plot of land. This can be done by those who live in the middle lane, but in this case, in order to breed grape snails, you will need to install containers and aviaries in the basement. In the first case, you don't even have to spend money on purchasing a broodstock - it will be enough to collect about 1000 snails in the nearest vineyards and summer cottages.

The process of growing a snail to a standard size of 5 cm in length and 20 g in weight, as well as breeding processes, does not require the participation of a breeder. From him it is only necessary to provide snails with food per year: greens or compound feed - 1350 kg, milk powder - 15 kg, chalk - 100 kg. The breeder's functions also include protection from predators - shrews, hedgehogs, as well as the timely movement of snails from the enclosure to the breeding container and vice versa. One kilogram of conditional snails weighing 20 g is estimated at 3 to 5 euros on the European market. According to business calculations, the payback period for organizing a snail farm is 1.5 years.

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